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Inspirations 2020 — (RE) GENERATION!

What are the attitudes, desires and expectations of Generation Y and Z’s digital natives, these environmentally and socially aware millennials who, while trying to find a better world, are changing the rules and revolutionising consumer behaviour in both the home and lifestyle sectors?

Maison&Objet has chosen to work with Business and Creative Intelligence consultant agency NellyRodi, to examine new consumer trends driven by the new generation and the subsequent influences on business.


Ramy FischlerDesigner

Ramy Fischler

Ramy Fischler


Ramy Fischler, a Belgian designer based in Paris, has developed an eclectic creative practice. He is graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure de création industrielle ENSCI-Les Ateliers, and laureate of the Académie de France in Rome in 2010. He joined the Villa Médicis where he considered, in situ, how visitors and artists are received within this legendary place, and became interested in the history of furniture and their association with power. Research that gave rise to several exhibits in Italy and Paris. Fascinated by the tension between history, space and furniture, Ramy Fischler created his own agency, RF Studio, in 2011. Among his most recent projects, the Twitter France headquarter, the National Gallery Cafe in London, the community kitchen restaurant Refettorio Paris in collaboration with the artist JR and Encore Heureux architect and the 5-star hotel on the Champs-Elysées Avenue.


This innovative and demanding generation is the subject of an ambitious forward-looking installation created by Ramy Fischler, Designer of the Year Maison&Objet 2018.

Ramy Fischler took a risk by choosing a sci-fi like installation to question future uses, his reasoning being that: “A fictional narrative is an incredible tool for considering design. It is also a very direct and effective vector of communication”. He pulled out all the stops at Maison&Objet Paris last January by having 5 people act out what life would be like in the co-living spaces of the future, exploring these new situations right in front of visitors and under the eye of cameras in a “laboratory for testing new uses”. The resulting recordings provide video narratives that are a lasting echo of this original experiment.

Watch them now!


Smart & friendly home

A robot, a multi-task 3D printer and, why not AI… And what if in the future, your house became a family member in its own right? 

Coliving & work

What if co-living provided a solution to the new economic and social needs of Millennials by improving both their standard of living and professional lives?

Eco & living kitchen

Combining a vegetable plot, an aquaponic ecosystem and smart waste management solutions, what if tomorrow’s kitchens were alive?

Play & care

What if in addition to taking care of me, my home could entertain me as well?

Friday 4th September / 6pm

Design, and… Action! Continued…

Ramy Fischler, Designer and Founder RF Studio
Philippe Brocart, Managing Director Maison&Objet

Ramy Fischler envisions the world of tomorrow and its new habits, uses, and practices in four exclusive films generated from an outsized installation, designed to be a "purpose bureau".
This was presented in January 2020 at Maison&Objet. Design, and... Action!  An analysis of the project. 

Paris Design Week Factory event:
Live conference: Galerie Joseph 116 rue de Turenne – 75003 Paris

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Digital Talks / Ramy Fischler

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