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What's New? Share - Maison&Objet Paris © DR


Exhibitions of new products — Paris | September 09-13, 2021

What's New? SHARE,
which primarily analyzes the art of entertaining


Elizabeth LericheDirector - Elizabeth Leriche

François BernardFounder & CEO "Croisements" agency

François DelclauxFounder and Director "Un Nouvel Air" agency

What's New? Share
Exhibitions of new products — Paris | September 09-13, 2021 | Hall 3


“ARTYSTUDIO” by Elizabeth Leriche

With “ARTYSTUDIO”, Elizabeth Leriche stresses the importance of artistic points of reference for the world of decor, as well as the younger generation’s passion for an Expressionistic reinterpretation of the worlds of Matisse, Picasso, or Calder. This painterly aspect is expressed through patterns that remind us of 20th-century artistic movements: splashes, drips, free-form effects... Color is back in all its radiant energy, in bright blue, bordeaux, or terracotta tones. Furniture becomes sculptural and totemic, notably in terms of its bases. Elizabeth Leriche puts her discoveries into practice in a space that’s been converted into an artists’ studio. Nothing minimal nor Scandinavian is in sight within this space: it’s time for optimism. “We need joyful, peppy objects”, explains this trend analyst, who has adorned the back of the space with a large, colorful mural. 


“SCULPTURAL” by François Bernard

For François Bernard, the art of entertaining and hospitality is now reflected in totally unique objects, which reflect neither good nor bad taste, but rather have a “never-before-seen” quality. They haven’t been discovered nor unearthed at flea markets, nor do they make us feel nostalgic. Mass-produced items are presented as one-of-a-kind pieces; at the very least, they attract our curiosity. This is mainly due to their shape. With “SCULPTURAL”, François Bernard has chosen objects that fit within a post-organic aesthetic: it’s out with curves or bean shapes, and in with angles, facets, and sharp edges. Such are the many geometric and sculptural objects that offer boldness and have a real spirit to them. “We want them because others don’t have them! This proves that the home remains a space for personal expression”, as we are reminded by François Bernard, who designed a U-shaped space with near-Expressionist perspectives to host them. 

What's New? - Share SCUPTURAL par/by FRANÇOIS BERNARD © DR

“NEW RUSTIC” by François Delclaux

At a time when “rurbanites” are leaving Paris, and urban planners and permaculturists are singing the praises of “radical rurality”, François Delclaux points us toward the emergence of all things “NEW RUSTIC”. The manufacturing of objects now raises new questions (where are we designing from and how?), including those related to social and environmental responsibility. “Certified Designation of Origin, traceability, local origins…These terms from the food world are now being applied to objects. This is because of specific places that define the shape things take”, specifies François Delclaux, who, for SHARE, has selected vernacular objects that are “as authentically rustic as possible”. Unfinished wood, enameled tin, earthenware, and shades of terracotta or moss green define, in a non-folkloric way, human-centered, contemporary design. Organic cotton duvets, sofa throws, cast-iron stoves…all take over a “dream cabin” that opens onto a vast rural landscape, a metaphor for the generic European countryside. 

What's New? - Share NEW RUSTIC par/by FRANÇOIS DELCLAUX © DR

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