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What's New? Leisure - Maison&Objet Paris © DR


Exhibitions of new products — Paris | September 09-13, 2021

What's New? LEISURE,
an exhibition space for gift items, connected devices, wall decor, and more...


Elizabeth LericheDirector - Elizabeth Leriche

François BernardFounder & CEO "Croisements" agency

François DelclauxFounder and Director "Un Nouvel Air" agency

What's New? Leisure
Exhibitions of new products — Paris | September 09-13, 2021 | Hall 4


“TO BE HOME” by Elizabeth Leriche

Elizabeth Leriche has created a calming atmosphere to suit the “TO BE HOME” theme. Small, essential objects, benches and cushions, cozy-soft materials…minimally furnish a meditation room. A writing workshop highlights the return to office life through a selection of pens and notebooks, within a setting oriented toward calligraphy and typography. As for the DIY workshop, it resonates with handicrafts, gardening, and all types of creativity-kit energy. “We feel good at home”, explains Elizabeth Leriche. “The theme, which had started even before the pandemic, is in total resonance with what we’re experiencing. We wanted to show the internal nature of the home, its porous character”. And the home is doing quite well, thank you very much, since everyone has become so interested in this sector. “It’s not a revolution, but we’re seeing these objects in a new light. It’s bringing us renewed energy”.

What's New? - Leisure TO BE HOME par/by ELIZABETH LERICHE © DR

“TO PROTECT” by François Bernard

With “TO PROTECT”, François Bernard places his stunning selection of everyday objects under the banner of protection. Protection that we owe ourselves, the planet, and animals, just like we do the home or our personal effects. This prompts a juxtaposition of objects that are rarely invited to coexist: raincoats and umbrellas, birdhouses and feeders, brushes, aprons, potholders, water bottles, computer cases, reflective strips...This diversity of functions is expressed through joyful colors such as khaki, orange, or chrome, and in natural or technical materials, all of which are respectful of the environment. “These everyday objects are those we love to have around us, or ones we love to give as gifts”, says François Bernard. “They’re protective, but not defensive. Both personal and friendly, they connect us to each other”. Something ultra-practical that makes every day of the week magical. 

What's New? - Leisure TO PROTECT par/by FRANÇOIS BERNARD © DR

“TO CONNECT” by François Delclaux

Through “TO CONNECT”, François Delclaux examines new products related to the world of connected, technological, and musical devices…Most of them are found within our (remote) workspaces or smartphones: wireless chargers, light rings for webcams, light pens...“Even mobility is getting connected. There are now suitcases with USB ports and luggage with GPS geolocation”, explains François Desclaux, who extends the concept into a selection of paper goods. Whether physical or digital, these communications interfaces are all part of a similar aesthetic, with a focus on light greys, minimalism, and Japanese-inspired looks...for a new definition of elegance. To highlight them, François Delclaux presents them in a museum-like setting, within a chamber adorned with silver-toned wallpaper from Nobilis, as well as on two colorful tables that fit together like a USB key. 

What's New? - Leisure TO CONNECT par/by FRANÇOIS DELCLAUX © DR

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