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Exclusive stories, interviews, news, analyses...sit back and relax as Maison&Objet immerses you in all things lifestyle.


Because every brand has a Maison&Objet tale to tell...

3 July 2021
Noma éditions, pioneers
They are preparing to exhibit at Maison&Objet Paris for the first time...
5 June 2021
Domani, the past and future of garden design
Designed in Belgium and manufactured in Hungary, Domani’s ceramics giv...
1 May 2021
The colourful characters behind Studio ROOF
Romy and Ilya are eternal children. Their vibrant creations sprinkle w...

Deco trends

Looking for the inside scoop on a specific idea, style or social craze? We turn the spotlight on the very latest trends.

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3 July 2021
Designers and brands, it must be love
The passionate yet reasoned relationships between designers and brands...
16 June 2021
In a year dominated by Covid, how has the international decor, design, and lifestyle market fared?
Maison&Objet is giving the entire interior design industry its say by ...
7 June 2021
“Are you going to the trade fair?”
Of course! They may have had to adapt, find new ways of doing things a...
5 June 2021
Naturally good
Cooking at home, eating healthily and rediscovering the true taste of ...

City guide

They live there. And they love it. Designers treat you to a taste of their favourite city and open up their own personal address book.

3 July 2021
Marin Montagut’s Paris
As well as being an artist, illustrator and object designer, the multi...
1 May 2021
Stockholm by Stefan Nilsson
Stefan Nilsson, aka Trendstefan, is one of the most renowned trendhunt...
3 April 2021
Hamburg by Josephine Seidel-Leuteritz
Young thirty-something Josephine Seidel-Leuteritz is Editor-in-Chief o...


The Design Entrepreneurs: the story of the personal journeys and adventures of the people who shape the decor, design, and lifestyle industries.

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3 July 2021
Charlotte Juillard
"The transition from sketch to concept to a piece that emerges from th...
7 June 2021
Special edition - Back to Maison&Objet Paris Sept. 2021
"We need to provide an experience for our clients, which they, in turn...
17 May 2021
Guillaume Féau - Féau Boiseries
"The French art of living is important. We possess extraordinary, uniq...
14 April 2021
Antoine Ricardou - be-poles
"The best things happen freely and organically". Antoine Ricardou is (...

Talents & Awards

Established designers, rising talents or up-and-coming names: we meet a selection of the best from across the world.

3 July 2021
Life through the lens of fine crafts
This June, Ateliers d’Art de France has announced the four winners of ...
5 June 2021
Ana Moussinet, impelling architecture
In her capable hands, a hotel stay or a day at the office becomes an e...
1 May 2021
Maison&Objet Design Award China, the winning entries are unveiled
An unprecedented partnership with China has seen winners selected from...

At work with

Portrait of a pro in 6 snapshots.

3 July 2021
Axel Schoenert
After living in Karlsruhe, Chicago and New York, it was in Paris that ...
5 June 2021
Philippe Boisselier
He’s an interior designer, designer and scenic designer who works on i...
1 May 2021
Hélène Aguilar
Hélène Aguilar, a woman driven by sensitivity and creativity, is the f...

Data fest

Exclusives stories from the world of Maison&Objet.

5 June 2021
Such is the percentage of retailers who, as part of the first-ever Mai...
5 June 2021
That is the percentage of buyers and specifiers surveyed* who shared w...
1 May 2021
This is the number of employees (salaried or independent workers) thro...

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