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New finds, ideas & experts... the post-summer period’s 3 absolute musts.


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Friday 4th September / 2pm

"What's New?" Creative evolutions for A/W 2020/21

Elizabeth Leriche, Founder of the trend office Elizabeth Leriche 
François Delclaux, Founder of the agency Un Nouvel Air
François Bernard, Founder and President of the agency Croisements

A selection of new products drawn from the collections of exhibitors present on the MOM platform. Built around three major cultural, stylistic and creative strands, this selection seeks to highlight the  evolutions in creative design today, and in the entire lifestyle market.

See product selections and presentation

Friday 4th September / 6pm

Design, and… Action! Continued…

Ramy Fischler, Designer and Founder RF Studio
Philippe Brocart, Managing Director Maison&Objet

Ramy Fischler envisions the world of tomorrow and its new habits, uses, and practices in four exclusive films generated from an outsized installation, designed to be a "purpose bureau".
This was presented in January 2020 at Maison&Objet. Design, and... Action!  An analysis of the project.

Saturday 5 September / 3pm

(RE) Generation! part 2 - Augmented Generation  

Vincent Grégoire, Director Insights NellyRodi

In the current environment, the concept of an "augmented generation" has never resonated more strongly, offering new opportunities for smarter tomorrows. A second overview of these new rules of the game.


Saturday 5 September / 6pm

Young design houses involved in sustainable furniture

Guillaume Galloy & Bruce Ribay, Co-Founders NOMA
Sam Baron, Designer
Vianney Sauvage, Co-Founder Dizy
Moderation: Clara Le Fort, Journalist

Whether it is NOMA (Nobles Matières), a high-end design house making furniture out of waste, or Dizy, which produces sustainable pieces from transposable elements of local waste, a new generation of committed design houses is combining design and sustainability.

Sunday 6 September / 2pm

Chef Guy Martin - The Italian adventure

Guy Martin, Chef Grand Véfour and Founder of the hotel Palazzo Maritati e Muci
Moderation: Anne de Reinach Hirtzbach, Founder of the consulting agency « White Velvet » 

A view of hospitality through the lens of bold aesthetic choices paired with the history of venues, their staging, and a cutting-edge selection of objects and furniture: when good taste contributes as much to design as it does to gastronomy, for the pleasure of all 5 senses. 
Also discover Chef Guy Martin's new Parisian restaurant, Pasco. 74 boulevard de la Tour Maubourg, 75007 Paris

See the Guy Martin products selection on MOM

Sunday 6 September / 6pm

Craftspersons and designers… same purpose, same challenges!

Eric Benqué, Designer
André Fontes, Designer
Mylinh Nguyen, Metal Sculptor
Pascale Riberolles, Plastician
Moderation: Ian Phillips, Journalist

Interdisciplinary dialogue is a multiplying force essential to creative fields. The permeability of practices drives innovation, allows professionals to  opens up new ways of creative thinking, to reach new markets.

Monday 7 September / 2pm

Caring architecture

Antoine Fenoglio, Les Sismo
Marilyne Goulard, Tarkett
Eric de Thoisy, SCAU Architecture
Moderation: Philippe Tretiack, Journalist

By placing health at the heart of our existence, Covid-19 allowed us to appreciate the importance of our spaces, whether domestic, public, or hospital-based...In the face of coming crises, what should he role of architecture be? Can it care for us? And how?

Monday 7 September / 6pm

Eco-estates, a new frontier

Gaspard Moustier, Co-founder of the agency Coucoo
Stéphanie Ledoux & Reda Amalou, Directors of the agency of interior design  AW2
Moderation: Clara Le Fort, Journalist

On the new frontiers of luxury, eco-lodges and eco-estates combine calm, the art of living, and sustainability, in 2020.

Tuesday 8 September / 2pm

Liaigre, a creative process

Christophe Caillaud, President Liaigre
Guillaume Rolland, Studio Liaigre Principal & Head of Yacht Design
Moderation: Françoise-Claire Prodhon, Author of the book “Liaigre Création”

With the presentation of the new book "Liaigre Création", published by Rizzoli New York, as its main theme, here's a conversation that addresses the identity, values, and singular, unique creative process of Liaigre in the world of interior design.

Tuesday 8 September / 6pm

The office of tomorrow: a hybrid format

Borina Andrieu, Director Wilmotte&Associes
Koray Malhan, Director of Design, Koleksiyon
Moderation: Fabrice Delaneau

The Anatole collection is the result of an encounter between Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Koray Malhan. In paying tribute to Mondrian and Jean Arp, Jean-Michel Wilmotte crafted a collection that is ideal for today's working environment. An example of "furnitecture", ranging from height-adjustable workstations to mobile stools and translucent alcoves. For Paris Design Week, we will also be presenting translucent dividers that protect against COVID-19.

Wednesday 9 September / 2pm

Mobilier National - From collecting to editing

Philippe Nigro, Designer
Hervé Lemoine, Director, Mobilier National
Moderation: Danièle Gerkens, Director of the editorial teams for  ELLE Décoration, ELLE à Table and Art & Décoration

Since 1663, the Mobilier National has furnished the ministries and embassies of the French Republic. Also contributing to the development of design prototypes, this institution is now venturing into furniture production, with Philippe Nigro and Ligne Roset.

See the Philippe Nigro products selection on MOM

Wednesday 9 September / 6pm

Nature Muse - Open up to an ecological enchantment

Patricia Beausoleil, Director Home & Consumer Goods - Peclers Paris

More than ever, the relationship between consumer and his ecosystem is being challenged, opening up to a more generous, essential and inclusive approach to brands and their creation. Nature in its diversity is once again becoming an inexhaustible source of inspiration and resilient innovations.

Thursday 10 September / 2pm

From Decorator to Designer

Charles Zana, Interior Architect
Anna Zaoui, Co-Founder The Invisible Collection
Laura Gonzalez, Interior Architect
Moderation: Ian Phillips, Journalist

Many of today's top purveyors of interiors share one thing in common: they have in recent years launched their own furniture collection. We discuss the reasons behind this all-pervasive phenomenon with two of France's leading decorating stars, as well as one of the co-founders of The Invisible Collection.

Thursday 10 September / 6pm

Intuition & Data: Anticipating the New Consumer Needs Post COVID-19

Jaye Anna Mize, Home Interiors Director - Fashion Snoops
Carrera Kurnik, Culture editor and consumer insights strategist - Fashion Snoops 

COVID-19 has disrupted the notion of business as usual, forcing brands to rethink their assortment strategies through the lens of this “new normal.” From how we work to how we heal - FS will discuss how understanding these shifts will be crucial to creating products as solutions post pandemic.

See the products selection on MOM

Friday 11 September / 2pm

"Verso" by david/nicolas for Pierre Frey: traditionnal know-how for the 21st century

The Maison Pierre Frey teams up the sought-after Lebanese design duo, david/nicolas, on a dazzling new furniture collection called Verso, inspired by the theme of travel and the great transatlantic liners of the past.

David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem: designers and co-founders of Studio david/nicolas
Pierre Frey: Head of communication, Pierre Frey

See the david/nicolas products selection on MOM

Friday 11 September/ 6pm

The extension of B2B payment terms, a vital solution for the retail sector in this time of crisis

Arthur de Catheu, Co-founder Finexkap
Augustin Payenneville, Co-founder Spoted

Independent retailers, e-retailers, distributors, brands: cash flow management is a major challenge during this recovery period for retail stakeholders. Arthur de Catheu and Augustin Payenneville take us through the solutions currently available, particularly the extension of payment terms that allow for an optimization of cash flow for those in the industry.

Monday 14 September / 2pm

Female Chefs on the rise

Alessandra Montagne, Chef of Nosso
Julia Sedefdjian, Chef of Baieta
Jacques Bally, President of Gault&Millau
Moderation: Catherine Roig, Journalist

For a long time invisible and underestimated in a field generally considered to be sexist, female Chefs are finally shaking things up for macho men at the top. Strong, talented, and supported by a globally powerful movement, these women are transforming the world of gastronomy.

Monday 14 September / 6pm

Neo-vintage and secondhand goods: are they the new vectors for brand expansion?

Virginie Corbasson, Head of Consulting Business Development - Europe - Carlin
Virginie Mourouvin, Style Expert - Carlin

Amidst economic troubles and a lack of meaning, active consumers have been sharpening their pragmatic approach during this health crisis. Going forward, they will be focusing on products whose design and aesthetic are top-quality and are recyclable or can even take on a new life second-hand! What implications do these consumer expectations have for brands? What are the creative concepts that will satisfy these new demands? Carlin presents these burning issues and the new vectors for growth for brands in the world of décor.

Tuesday 15 September / 2pm

Sustainable interiors and materials: the quandary

Marie Deroudhile, Architect DPLG
Quentin Hirsinger, President of matériO
Moderation: Clara Le Fort, Journalist

The sourcing of "virtuous" materials is often more complex than just a matter of them being sustainable. Materio collaborates with all types of projects and evaluates materials selected on a case-by-case basis, without pontificating on organic sourcing. Interior designer Marie Deroudhile, for her part, envisions each project as a sustainable venture, by using vintage furniture and re-issues made from recycled materials,preserving existing objects/materials, and focusing on the coexistence of modern and old-fashioned pieces.

Tuesday 15 september / 6pm

Getting the consumer back into shops post-Covid-19, with an innovative customer experience

Christophe Anjolras, Director of Volcan Design and Consulting

The Covid-19 crisis has inevitably transformed consumer behavior. Somewhere between the democratization of online sales and the drop in traffic in-store, what is the future looking like, in terms of new solutions and innovative services?

Wednesday 16 Septembe / 2pm

New avenues in design: inspiring African customs

Cheick Diallo, Designer
Franck Houndégla, Scenographer, designer and architecture researcher
Moderation: Mélanie Burlet, Cité du Design, Head of Content for the 12th International Design Saint-Etienne Biennial

A Conversation between Franck Houndégla, exhibition curator for the next International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne in 2021, and Cheick Diallo, a designer who invents working forms and methods by generating and producing his pieces in Mali.

Wednesday 16 September / 6pm

How Livestreaming is transforming China’s E-commerce 

Chloé Gonçalves, International Business Development Manager at Tmall Global - Alibaba

Retail is fast evolving in the China market, and Alibaba has been pioneering livestreaming as an innovative combination of shopping and entertainment. As the retail industry looks to navigate disruptions caused by Covid-19, livestreaming has proven to be an even more important means of digital engagement, especially for international brands. Join this webinar to understand how your brand can use Tmall and Tmall Global to reach Chinese consumers & engage with them through Livestreaming.

Thursday 17 September / 2pm

Imagining the New Normal of Post Pandemic Hotel Design

Chad Oppenheim, Architect
Jean-Michel Gathy, Interior Architect DENNISTON
Moderation: Guy Dittrich, Editor-At-Large SLEEPER Magazine

Unquestionably the hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotel occupancies have plummeted the world over and swathes of hotels closed. As the frost slowly begins to thaw how will hotels adjust to the demands of a new, ultra-hygiene conscious traveller? How can hotel design help to win back the trust of guests? ...

Thursday 17 September / 6pm

Are you sure this is waste?

Clara Duval, Brand Strategist @FutureBrand Paris

163 M€, that’s how much the H&M foundation has invested since 2013 to “close the loop.” What if waste could
enrich more than its costs? From Back Market to Recompose, discover those who give back value to what we
formerly used to call waste.

Friday 18 September / 2pm

Chef Christophe Aribert - A commitment to sustainability

Christophe Aribert, Chef and Founder of Maison Aribert **
Moderation: Anne de Reinach Hirtzbach, Founder of the consulting agency « White Velvet » 

Maison Aribert has settled into a 19th-century building and has designed it following bioclimatic guidelines, using as many of its own resources as possible to reduce its energy consumption and minimize its environmental impact. This was a "virtuous" challenge to benefit the environment and increase wellbeing.

See the Christophe Aribert products selection on MOM

Friday 18 September / 6pm

Mission Back To Store - Booster le trafic de vos boutiques

Edouard Aguillaume, Director of the French section of MOBILOSOFT (Group VIRTUOLOGY)

In this new post-COVID world, consumer expectations have evolved. Through an analysis of several digital and in-store surveys, discover how to set up an effective strategy to bring people back to your shops again.

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