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Deco trends / The Inspire Me! forum: experiencing joy

The Inspire Me! forum: experiencing joy

Published on 19 July 2023 Share

Maison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - Enjoy - Moodboard

The Peclers Paris strategy agency, which came up with the theme for Maison&Objet 2023, took on the task of spatially translating a series of prospective aesthetic visions to span the 5 senses and 3 dimensions with the aim of giving visitors to the show a sense of the very essence of Seductive expressiveness, Liberating creativity and Increased sensitivity—the three expressions of “Enjoy: in quest of pleasures”. The result was a fascinating and inspiring break from the hustle and bustle of the show to learn all about the tastes and lifestyles of the three different families of consumers identified by the agency.



A 3-dimensional embodiment of the theme

“We didn’t want a space that was sort of a shopping guide, or a series of curated pieces, however accurate it might have been”, explains Amélie Vergé, Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris. “The idea was to rework our methodology for analysing consumer territories whereby, based on prospective insight (or a ‘macro trend’, as we call it, in this case the emergence of new forms of hedonism), we’d identify families of consumers and explore their lifestyles as exhaustively as possible in order to extract certain product insights. The challenge lay in bringing this approach to life in 3D and in the 150m² space we were given, so that visitors could literally project themselves into it intuitively and experience it for themselves”. 

An undulatory stroll 

That was the brief. The theme itself and an initial selection of pieces very quickly inspired a number of solutions when it came to translating the aesthetic element and incorporating the principles of circulation. “We had several very fleshy, exaggerated pieces, and a lot of curves, which led us to this idea of undulation, something fun and gentle that quite naturally became a maze, not one that tries to get you lost but rather one that guides you, gradually revealing and supporting the experience”, explains Charlotte Cazals, another Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris. “So we designed three immersive spaces, like a series of different universes, each highlighting the lifestyle of each consumer family and leading smoothly into the next”.

Maison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - Enjoy - simulation 3D
 Three spaces based on common principles and reflecting the following:

  • a desire to break down the barriers between everyday objects and rare pieces; between brands that are partners to the show and players that are not involved but who do complement it and provide inspiration; between Maison&Objet and Paris Design Week.

  • sketches depicting moments in life. A space for sleeping, dining and well-being, combining beauty, design, leisure, jewellery, food, magazines and books to showcase the lifestyles of these different families of consumers.

  • a dialogue between materials (floors, walls and platforms, as well as samples) and objects thanks to partnerships with leading manufacturers (such as Tarkett). This adds an extra layer of meaning that helps to immerse visitors in the theme.

  • a major feature in each space, from Audrey Large and her 3D design in the first and Milù the giant cat by Atelier Biagetti in the second to sculptural lighting by Luca Zito in the third.

  • various artistic creations, including a floral and olfactory installation by Blumen in Seductive expressiveness, live object creation by Diego Faivre in Liberating creativity and 3D vase printing by Studio Argot in Increased sensitivity.

​​​​Maison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - Enjoy

An augmented reality tour will complement the physical tour, offering further insight into the designers, artists and manufacturers showcased in the exhibition and enhancing the visitor experience.

Maison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - Enjoy - Forum Digital

“Enjoy” offers an interpretation of the new forms of hedonism that are emerging following several years of introversion through the consumption habits, lifestyles and aesthetic domains of three different consumer families. Faced with a fundamental need for hope, individuals are harnessing the power of the collective to forge a happy new society that promotes quality of life and well-being. With creativity playing a major role in this appetite for life, they are adopting, almost naively, a trial-and-error approach to living in the moment. Charlotte Cazals will be joined by Brune Ouakrat, Strategic Planner and Futurist at Peclers Paris, to take a closer look at the phenomenon with visitors to the show on 7 September 2023 at 11am.


Maison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - EnjoyMaison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - EnjoyMaison&Objet - Paris - Sept. 2023 - Insipre me! - Forum de tendance - Peclers Paris - Enjoy


Peclers Paris
A leading consultancy firm specialising in creative strategy and prospective trends (fashion, beauty, design & lifestyle). Peclers Paris works with brands to shape their future, reveal their uniqueness and develop more desirable products, services and experiences while also working towards a committed and positive future.

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ENJOY In quest of pleasures

Beyond the trend, pleasure becomes an initiatory quest. From September 7 to 11, 2023, Maison&Objet will be on a “quest of pleasures”, proudly displaying colours, extravagance, audacity and humour as many added values of this new edition. The inspiration theme will invite us to a rediscovered exaltation, to the re-enchantment of our lives, free from the austerity to which society and brands have bowed in response to a world in crisis. Enjoy the pleasures of interiors conducive to well-being, boost endorphins thanks to the design, and rediscover what celebration and fantasy taste like! This jubilant program will be deployed over all Maison&Objet’s events and in a new fair sector.

This year’s theme: Enjoy!

Joy, pleasure, hedonism….Such is the mood of our time, revealed through analysis by Peclers trend, style, and innovation consultants. May it inspire you!

Enjoy! The festivities have begun!

Enjoy! This is the theme of the year chosen by Paris Design Week, as well as Maison&Objet. Participants have put on their rose-colored glasses.

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