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The Work! Conferences

The sector’s specialists share their expertise on the subject.

September 09-13, 2021
Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center
The Work! Conférences - Maison&Objet - © Bene

17 conferences

Analysing the changing workplace and considering solutions for a more interactive and convivial home-inspired professional environment: the sector’s specialists share their expertise on the subject.

The Work! Conferences – Hall 6

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September 2021

Thursday 9 September / 11:00

Hybrid collaboration

We are entering the era of hybrid collaboration: 68% of international firms expect to implement a new method of organization that allows employees to work at the office part of the time, and from home or in another type of space the rest of the time. As a result, interactions among colleagues must be reinvented.

Sandra Garcia, Applied Research Consultant, STEELCASE

Thursday 9 September / 14:00

Transforming Le Monde, the press group’s new offices

Archimage has designed the interior of the Le Monde group’s new offices in Paris in accordance with a brief focusing on openness, transversality and the importance of preserving the specific identity of the publications present on site.

Vincent Dubois, Managing Director Archimage 
Gilles Van Kote, Head of Project and Journalist Le Monde

Thursday 9 September / 15:00

Universal Wellness

"Universal Wellness", a new underlying trend in the design and development of our public and private spaces, at the crossroads of sanitation, health, and wellbeing.

Christophe Pradère, CEO & Founder BETC Design

Thursday 9 September / 16:00

Home office: a new challenge for interior designers

How to adapt remote work to suit the needs of clients and the new societal habits. From occasional remote work to a new way of living in your home, the options are diverse and multifaceted.

Dorothée Simon, Founder of RENCONTREUNARCHI.COM 
Alexandra Selig, Co-Founder Selig & Renault

Friday 10 September / 11:00

Are we really nomads?  

Are we really nomads? What are the challenges of nomadism? 
What products facilitate this nomadism? 
But WHY go back to the office? For belonging and purpose, nomad or not we ALL need it.

Pascale Richert, WorkPlace Consultant HermanMiller 

Friday 10 September / 14:00

Adding plants to an office space: an antidote to stress

After a long period of remote working, the return to the office reveals new expectations of well-being and nature. An overview of the solutions with two specialists in plant design.

Pierre Darmet, Marketing and Development Director, Les Jardins de Gally
Alexis Tricoire, Founder Tricoire Design Studio

Friday 10 September / 15:00

Adapting workspaces to the needs of today's co-workers

Remote work has highlighted the importance of the office and of collaboration to our everyday work.    

Julien Diard, Global Managing Director, Moore Design

Friday 10 September / 16:00

The Workplace & Commitment: what's an office for?

How can we make employees want to come back to the office? Remote work is here to stay, but what about human relationships and a feeling of safety and belonging? More than ever, design connects the workplace with a sense of commitment.

Valérie Parenty, Associate Director Development Saguez&Partners, 
Celica Thellier, Co-Founder, Choose my company, 
Stéphane Hugon, Sociologist and Eranos Co-Founder

Saturday 11 September / 14:00

Where & how will we work in the post-Covid world? 

Home working, flex office, third places ... What do employees and self-employed people in 5 major cities around the world say about their new relationships with work and space? Survey 2021 by Sociovision/Ifop for Actineo

Odile Duchenne, Consultant, L'Ameublement Français and Actineo

Saturday 11 September / 15:00

How a blank-slate office project enticed a unicorn

Not far from Bastille, the future head office of BlaBlaCar intends to start a revolution, from next December, in an ultra-innovative office building designed and initially built as a blank slate by Vincent Eschalier for 6ème Sens.

Vincent Eschalier, Founder Studio Vincent Eschalier
Maxence Ferrari, 6ème Sens Immobilier

Saturday 11 September / 16:00

Nothing is impossible for the Trinity Tower at La Défense

A 45,000 m2 property created from scratch, developed over 1,500 m2 of floor space, a core of vertical, glassed-in walkways that are off-center in the front, balconies and terraces on every floor, and shared space on the 25th floor...Trinity has all the makings of a major landmark!

Jean-Luc Crochon, Managing Director Cro&co Architecture

Sunday 12 September / 14:00

The sustainable office: workspaces are finally being reinvented

Recyclable, upcycled, scalable, personalized…Office spaces are adapting to environmental requirements and are supporting new work- and lifestyles. An encounter with brands committed to taking a fresh look at workspaces.

Armand Bernoud, Co-Founder Maximum, 
Vianney Sauvage, Co-Founder Dizy Design

Sunday 12 September / 15:00

Wellbeing at work: the key role of lighting

At the office or during remote working, the quality of lighting and the way it is applied and used are key elements that affect our wellbeing. Discover the guidelines to follow and the elements to focus on to get the most out of it.

Akari-Lisa Ishii, Founder of I.C.O.N


Monday 13 September / 11:00

Remote work & the sedentary lifestyle: an opportunity for active design

The mainstreaming of remote work has made us more sedentary than ever! With each of us now spending an average of 7 hours seated per day, it has become essential to democratize the principles of active design when planning Home/Office spaces.

Céline Leconte, Communication Manager EOL Group
Pauline Codron, Designer & Artistic Director EOL Group

Monday 13 September / 14:00

Office Real-Estate post-COVID-19: What impact will we see in the coming years?

Remote work is here to stay and will considerably impact the office furniture of tomorrow. 
A company's values will become a key part of the thought process around workplaces, and the office spaces of tomorrow will deeply reflect each company's reason for existing.

Charlotte Lardinois, Director of Operations Génie des Lieux

Monday 13 September / 15:00

Co-working: Is it time to invent a post-Covid business model?

The health crisis has shaken the shared-workspace business model to its core. But the world of co-working is innovating and reinventing its commercial offerings. Welcome to the "hybrid" model, which combines the best of both remote and face-to-face work.

Clément Alteresco, Founder Morning
Lawrence Knights, Co-Founder Kwerk

Monday 13 September / 16:00

A luxury oasis atop the Bon Marché

It was a matter of brand image and use for the French headquarters of Moët Hennessy, which unites 26 prestigious wine and spirits brands. Driven by a "desire for all things Beautiful", Barbarito Bancel envisions contemporary workspaces within an Art Deco landmark.

Ivana Barbarito & Benjamin Bancel, Co-Founders - Barbarito Bancel Architectes
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