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27 January - 19 March 2021

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - January, February, March 2021


Each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from January 27-March 19, 2021, visit our MOM digital platform to discover the 8 different editions of the Digital Days, each devoted to a targeted theme. New collections online, trend analysis, exclusive new-product selections, tours of unique concepts, and web talks on new habits in the world of décor…Such will be the many opportunities to get inspired, discover new brand universes, and contact them via e-mail or by instant messaging using our Live Chat!


Immerse yourself in brands’ Digital Showrooms to discover new collections organized by theme, and product selections posted daily to help guide your search.


Has a certain product caught your eye, and you’d like to know more about the brand? Communicate instantaneously with your future suppliers using our new Live Chat service!


Each day, listen to our Talks: experts take the floor to inspire you, expand your knowledge base, and help provide direction for your future purchasing strategies.

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Janvier, Février, Mars 2021 - Showroom

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Live Chat

NEW feature

In January 2021, MOM will offer a new feature to facilitate dialogue and contact between brands and buyers: Live Chat. Designed like an instant messaging system, this feature allows the user to chat live with brands during the three days of the Digital Days.

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Experts Focus

Wednesday: The products behind new trends

Each week, a trend and its influence on spending patterns is analyzed by a French or international trend agency, and an exclusive themed selection of new products will be presented, offering real finds that promise to become tomorrow’s It-products, and a way to discover new suppliers to get in touch with them.

Thursday: One trend, One place: e-visits all around the world

Each week, we explore one unique and inspiring place. It’s an invitation to discover how, in France or internationally, key stakeholders – brands, retailers, boutiques, concept stores, and more – have made emerging trends their own and are highlighting the products that are sure to enchant this new generation of active consumers.

Friday: Inspiring Digital talks

Each week, we analyze one theme related to societal transformation and consumers’ new expectations, plus we bring you new talents and those offering clever solutions to current issues…all as part of the expert web talks from Maison&Objet.

See the Talks Programme


Digital Days - Maison&Objet - January, February, March 2021- Schedule

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Unexpected Gift

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Unexpected Gift - 27-28-29 Jan. 2021

Surprising, creative, innovative, clever, and fashionable objects and accessories… An abundant selection of new products that are truly on-trend, for you or for your home, to give to someone or just yourself, useful or whimsical, but always essential. Discover new, must-have products for the entire family!

So you can discover must-have products for the entire family!

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Trendy Deco - 3-4-5 Feb. 2021

Small, easy, trendy decorative pieces can make all the difference, especially when you can't afford to make a total change. Creative accessories and accent furniture, soft textiles, decorative lighting, alluring scents…Discover hot new products that will bring style to your interiors today!

So you can discover new products that will bring style to your interiors today! 

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Trendy Deco
Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Well at work

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Well at work - 10-11-12 Feb. 2021

Well-being and well-working, experimentation and performance, community and privacy, at home, at the office, or elsewhere…Explore solutions and inspiring, creative new products to equip new-generation workspaces.

So you can explore solutions and inspiring, creative new products to equip new-generation workspaces.

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Craft, Métiers d'Art - 17-18-19 Feb. 2021

Fine craft workers, material artists and artwork manufactures come together in a world entirely devoted to creativity. Immerse yourself in a selection like no other, where rare items and one-of-a-kind objects, both traditional and contemporary, bring emotion to life!

All the creative vitality of artists of the matter.

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Craft, Métiers d'Art
Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Outdoor Living

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Outdoor Living - 24-25-26 Feb. 2021

Furniture and decorative accessories for the art of living outdoors. For residential as for hospitality use, when all the refinement and sophistication of interior design extends out to balconies, terraces, and gardens…making them into truly relaxing spaces to share and enjoy. Discover all that’s new, for a lovely escape into beauty! 

New products to make the “outdoors” a truly relaxing, enjoyable space.

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Sustainable - 3-4-5 Mar. 2021

Decor and Design are taking a stand for the good of the planet. Increasingly committed to an eco-friendly, ethical, and fair-trade stance, brands are competing to offer the cleverest new collections and product innovations. You can play your part, too. Discover all the new products that are good for the environment! 

To discover all the new products that are good for the environment!

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Sustainable
Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Premium Design

Digital Days - Maison&Objet - Premium design - 10-11-12 Mar. 2021

The finest names in decor and design unveil their new collections. Iconic designs, gorgeous materials, both naturally raw or sophisticated, one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces, a mix of luxury, bold style, and elegance, for furniture and decorative design with character. Create truly exception interiors!

To create truly exceptional interiors!

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - So French - 17-18-19 Mar. 2021

The “So French” new products that beautifully reflect the French art of living. As a key reference in the worlds of the arts, fashion, and design, France brings to the fore all the excellence of its expert craftsmanship and a new wave of designers blending styles with a chic, bold spirit. You can count on that “French Touch”! 

For that truly French art of living!

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Digital Days - Maison&Objet - So French


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