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Product categories: Decorative pieces

The STOFF Nagel candle holder is a design icon from the 60’s. Designed by Werner Stoff for Hans Nagel the candle holder was a collector’s item for many years. Today the candle holder has been reintroduced by the Danish design company STOFF Copenhagen The STOFF Nagel candleholder gives a tip of the hat to Scandinavian virtues
and minimalism while elegantly capturing the light from its surroundings, all with
an edgy style. Design and build it as you wish, creating your own expression and
emphasising its sculptural features precisely to your taste.
The beloved STOFF Nagel candle holder has been a bestseller in Europe for generations,
exhibited in the global art world, now re-discovered and relaunched by the
Danish design company STOFF Copenhagen.


Mme Bine Malund LIND

Staktoften 20
2950 Vedbaek - Denmark

Show Phone Number+45 53 63 62 97
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