January 2018

Product categories: Furniture & storageSeatsDecorative pieces

Challenging to achieve a four-dimensional vision with the ultimate manufacturing methods While things keep changing so fast, we question ourselves what really means to us. We are trying to find what is the truth shared in everything. With the integration of the leading technology and successive craftsman spirits, we challenge to create a masterpiece of all time. We will see it keep shining after 20 years. Multiple elements and players initiate chemistry together in Japan. It guides us to a 4 dimensional space where we will be a witness of revolutionary innovation in the future after 20 years that no one has ever seen. It touches people’s hearts crossing over the time and space.

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Mlle Keiko MAEDA

3379, Koike Tsubame
959-1293 NIIGATA - Japan

Show Phone Number+81 256-64-7180
Show Fax Number+81 256-62-4635
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