January 2018

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NANIMARQUINA was founded in 1987 by NANI expressing its only desire as follows: “I wanted to design visually surprising carpets that would be appreciated by people.” In the 90s, she decided to relocate production in India, which allowed her to discover the unlimited possibilities of craftsmanship and the cultural value of the carpet in this country. Its constant innovation through different techniques and new materials make this family business a pioneer in the field of contemporary carpets.

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The Shade collection designed by Begüm Cana Özgür is inspired by magical moments in nature where colors melt and speak for themselves. For example, at dawn when the sun begins to rise in the clear sky, or at dusk, on the seashore just before nightfall... In the same way that colors flow in the sky, the Shade rugs achieve an intricate and emotional gradient.

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Marquina 1961

This ingenious oil cruet eliminates the problem of dripping, a masterful solution that had never been fixed before by other cruet designs. A transparent, stable, and precise product, that offers the essence of true design. As Rafael Marquina stated, "the perfection of use of an object is the indispensable factor of a good design", a fact that allowed him the first Gold Delta ADI-FAD award.

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Tres Vegetal

The Tres Collection reflects nanimarquina’s passion for craftsmanship, specifically paying tribute to the ancient craft of weaving.Tres is a traditional Indian flat-weave Dhurrie rug. Its unique quality lies in the production of three independent parts in which hemp predominates.

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