January 2018

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DE FER & D’AME – Retro-Future salutes you! Design and manufacturing workshop, between industrial, retro-futuristic, steampunk trend, and environmental approach. Lighting, furniture and decorative objects. Unique pieces! DE FER & D’ÂME was born from the meeting between two passions, one artistic and creative for NICOLAS and the other, builder and organizer for JEAN-MICHEL. The project was built around an industrial imagination and an environmental approach in upcycling. NICOLAS, the creative soul, is inspired by vintage styles, steampunk. He creates unique pieces from materials diverted from their original function. A return to basics, NICOLAS works metal and wood, with all its history, that of time past, not to make the past clean slate, but give it a new meaning.

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Mr Jean Michel THOMAS

22, rue Keratry
35200 Rennes - France

Show Phone Number+33 6 70 82 51 59
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Mr Nicolas LEGER

8, C rue du Vent
17220 Saint Médard D'Aunis - France

Show Phone Number+33 6 49 49 38 08
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DE FER & D'AME - The Retro Future salute you!

Project born of the meeting of two passionate men, DE FER & D'AME is a workshop of creation of luminaries, furniture and decorative objects. The project was built around an industrial imagination and an environmental approach, as a challenge to a fatality, a return to basics, the Atelier, the Fabrique. Inspirations of vintage style, steampunk or futuristic retro.

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