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Meet those who make design.

September 07-11, 2023
Paris | 10 conférences
Paris Design Week - 8-17 Sept. 2022 - Talks - Intramuros

10 conferences

Ten panel discussions will take place as part of Paris Design Week at 17 rue Commines, in the Factory Talks Area. Organized with the magazine, they will bring together experts in design and architecture, who will share their experiences Two talks will be held by our partners: Arts AlUla & ESDAC, Design Institute.

Moderation by Intramuros

live at Paris
rue Commines

Thursday 7 September 5pm-6pm

Network and collective of designers: proactive communities

Workshops, pooling resources, in-residence meetings, incubators… how design communities organize mutual aid networks, either formally or informally, to share their experiences, develop cross-disciplinary practices and even joint projects.

Marc Aurel, Designer & President of Les Lauréats de l’Intelligence de la Main® association
Johanna Rowe-Calvi, Designer – UX Design & Founder – Women in Design
Pierre Charrié, Designer & ADIR resident, currently incubated at Ateliers de Paris  
Maria Bakowski, Designer & ADIR resident, currently incubated at Ateliers de Paris   

Thursday 7 September 6pm-7pm

The question of copyright

What does copyright mean for designers? At what points in the creative process does it apply? How does one protect one's work? What structures and mechanisms exist to support designers? What recourses can be taken against copying? Feedback and advice following the publication of a guide produced by ADAGP (Société des Auteurs dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques) in partnership with AFD (Agence Française de Développement). 

Delphine Brun-Champy, Legal expert – ADAGP (Société des Auteurs dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques)
Marie-Noelle Bayard, Textile designer – AFD (Agence Française de Développement)
Laureline Galliot, Designer

Friday 8 September — 4pm-5pm

Digital native designers in our Connected world

The digital native designer's expertise offers the possibility of creating aesthetic, functional designs that meet the needs of this connected society. They adapt to new trends to remain competitive. Today, our interconnectedness creates an intelligent ecosystem and impacts the way we interact with the world around us.

Frédéric Lintz, Designer & Co-founder – eliumstudio
Jael Petit-Fournier, Creative director & Professor - ESDAC

Paris Design Week - Sept. 2023 - Talks - programme 47

Friday 8 September — 5pm-6pm

Sports, moving towards  a new lifestyle?

Through the power of shared values and the transfer of technical innovations, sport has taken on a growing role in our daily lives, influencing our mobility patterns, the way we dress… and proving to be a powerful lever of our collective imaginations.  Manufacturing, innovation, forward-looking strategy… what role can design play, from accompanying a sport practice to the emergence of new uses?

Kerensa Neale, Global Artistic Director – Decathlon
Jean-Louis Fréchin, Designer & Founder –
Desolina Suter, Fashion Director – Première Vision

Friday 8 September — 6pm-7pm

Design, a vector for development in regions

Design, a vector for regional development. In a nutshell: what economic and cultural added-value can design bring to a region?  In terms of dynamics, new markets, highlighting know-how, federating players. 

Emmanuel Thouan, Director - Creative Director & President - APCI, design promotion
Anne Racine, Director of Villa Carmignac – Porquerolles & Fondation Carmignac & Co-founder – Plein Sud network
Caroline Naphegyi, Fondatrice – Design for Change & Membre du comité artistique/design – Mondes Nouveaux
Thomas Merlin, Designer & Founder – Thomas Merlin Studio
Bertrand Vignau-Lous, Designer & Co-founder – entreautre

Paris Design Week - Sept. 2023 - Talks - programme 49

Saturday 9 September — 3pm-4pm

Culinary design, a sector for the future? 

In a nutshell: What is culinary design? Between a new creative field and a territory for experimentation, how have schools taken hold of this sector? What does design say about our relationship with food, our habits and our culture? How can design help us manage our food waste more responsibly?

Julia Kunkel, Food Design Lab director – L'École de design Nantes Atlantique
Marc Brétillot, Culinary designer – IDE
Germain Bourré, Founder – Germ-Studio

Saturday 9 September — 4pm-5pm

Design by nature

While the issue of environmental preservation is crucial today, the living world as a whole, at every scale, is a source of inspiration and solutions for designers.

Gavin Muro, Biodesigner
Guillian Graves, Founder, Designer & CEO – Big Bang Project
Benjamin Graindorge, Designer & Professor at Esadse

Saturday 9 September — 5pm-6pm

Transdisciplinarity: new places, new models?

Between pop-up stores, residencies, exhibitions, training courses, incubators…, new multi-program venues are developing. A way of revitalizing neighborhoods by anchoring creative talent while encouraging the pooling of resources and the development of networks.

Maeva Bessis, CEO – LA CASERNE
Nicolas Bard, Co-founder– Make ICI

Saturday 9 September — 6pm-7pm

The Role of Designers in Shaping AlUla's Future

A panel discussion highlighting the different Design Initiatives of AlUla, from Public Realm to Initiatives and Residences. The panelists will share their experiences with AlUla Design Award, plans of the Design Gallery and the upcoming Design Residency as well as other design focused initiatives.

Ahmed Al Mannai, Partner, Shepherd Studio
AlJoharah Al Rasheed, Partner and Head of Design, Teeb
Hamad Homiedan, Arts Enrichment and Academia Manager, the Royal Commission for AlUla
Samer Yamani, Fondateur & Directeur, Creative Dialogue / Founder & Director, Creative Dialogue
Moderator: Cyril Zammit, Design Advisor & Consultant and Jury Member of AlUla Design Award
Panel discussion in English

Paris Design Week - Sept. 2023 - Talks - programme 51

Sunday 10 September — 3pm-4pm

New territories for graphic design

As a tool for social ties to reconnect with public spaces and share communal histories or languages, graphic design is involved in a wide variety of projects and fields of research.

Eddy Terki, Historian & Exhibition curator including “Parade” at Le Signe
Silvia Doré, Graphic designer & Associate creative director – Stéréo-Buro & President - Alliance France Design   

Sunday 10 September — 4pm-5pm

Design and immersive worlds

Web 3, NFT… following in the footsteps of artists, designers are investing virtual space for installations, performances, project prototyping, brand universe extensions and even augmented products. Here's an advance look at some of the key players in the field.

Alessio Scalabrini & Ariel Claudet, Designers & Co-founders –
Anthony Authié, Designer & Founder – Zyva Studio
Gilles Alvarez, Creative director – Némo International Biennial of Digital Arts in the Ile-de-France region

Paris Design Week - Sept. 2023 - Talks - programme 53

Monday 11 September — 5pm-6pm

Production and eco-responsibility: pooling skills

Though research into the development of materials based on local or recycled elements is progressing, the transition from experimentation to large-scale industrial production has its difficulties. Commited players share their experiences to accompany these transitional phases and could even pool their tools and skills.

Julien Diard, CEO – MOORE Design
Stéphane Joyeux, Designer, Creative director & R&D manager – ROGER PRADIER - OUTDOOR LIGHTING 

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