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The itinerary that turns the spotlight on today’s new workplace lifestyles

Tying in with its new WORK! theme, MAISON&OBJET has put together a specific itinerary to help visitors fully explore this laboratory for expressing today’s new way of working.
Driven by new information technologies and a changing job market, work has gradually freed itself from the shackles of the traditional office setting. More nomadic, more informal and more enjoyable than ever before, today’s offices have been truly metamorphosed becoming veritable living spaces where people do so much more than just work: they interact, recharge their batteries, grab a bite to eat, have fun… feel “at home”.

From co-working spaces or spaces owned by large firms to cafés, restaurants and other spots where people are just passing through, these unconventional, enjoyable, carefully staged workspaces are rapidly becoming a must. Offices transformed into rich and diverse environments that are now fitted out… like our homes. An exciting new subject for MAISON&OBJET to explore with a view to fulfilling one key mission: give these hybrid living spaces more personality along with a generous injection of comfort.

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