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Hall 7

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“Fiction is a marvelous tool for testing hypotheses. Currently, it is a way to experiment, communicate, and share ideas more effectively than any other.” RF Studio

What if…?
…the concept of property were a fiction?
…furnishings could be resurrected?
…our homes could speak to us with total honesty?
…sharing could make us more comfortable?
…objects could divine our every desire?
…”my” house became “our” house?

“This perceptive laboratory is like a great creative notebook and observatory of an imminent future landscape.” RF Studio

SOCIAL HUB / What if…?
…cohabiting fostered new opportunities?
…I raised money from my living room?
…working were synonymous with advocacy?
…my avatar was more punctual than I am?
…a visit to the construction site began from the comfort of my sofa?

STUDIO / What if…?
…I could download Caribbean sunlight?
…I could visit the MoMa in my pajamas?
…walls didn’t exist?
…the next family reunion meant everyone being together, but in their own homes?
…I could see the Himalayas and the desert at the same time, from my very own window?
…I could run the NY marathon without getting on a plane?

KITCHEN / What if…?
…my lunch was being printed right now?
…fish were feeding our plants?
…my pantry had a life of its own?
…waste was tasteful?
….and what if we had a vegetable garden on our roof?
…my kitchen took care of me?

Ramy Fischler has taken a risk by choosing a forward-looking, sci-fi like installation to question future uses. During the fair, 5 people will act out what life will be like in the co-living spaces of the future. All year long, short narratives filmed during the event will stimulate reflection around this unique experiment.

“We’re offering an experimental space that will spark debate on tomorrow’s creative concepts and will allow each of us to form our own opinions.” RF Studio

Hall 7
©Chiara Cadeddu

©Chiara Cadeddu

Extract from the interview with Ramy Fischler, from
(RE) GENERATION! SPECIAL ISSUE distributed at the show

In the absence of a crystal ball, how can we predict what the future holds?

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, the answers are becoming ever-more complex. Before starting to think about tomorrow’s products and services, we need to anticipate future trends in behaviour. Our technique is not an exact science, but rather a joint exploration process that gives rise to hypotheses we can then dramatise: we draft fictional stories featuring characters and contexts that bring future situations to life. The story may be pure fiction, but it’s an amazing tool for coming up with design inspiration. It’s also a highly direct and efficient way of communicating and disseminating ideas.

What can we expect to glean from your work?

It’s a “behavioural laboratory” that turns the spotlight on shared living spaces, almost like a life-sized ideas pad, a kind of living display that examines what the future may hold. Five characters share the coliving space of the future and are exposed to different situations, objects and services that question our relationship with the world of tomorrow. My team and I haven’t set out to provide clearcut answers, but rather an open book that encourages each visitor to think about things themselves.


We particulary wish to thank all our partners that have contributed to the creation of this project.

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Friday 17 Jan. 2020 — 12:00 – 12:45
Ramy Fischler: design, and… action!

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