Excuse my French!

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Excuse my French!

“Excuse my French!” puts the spotlight on a key phenomenon: France’s return to centre stage on the international scene. As Vincent Grégoire confirms: “There is a new curiosity, a sort of fascination for the French”. This is partly because, in an increasingly uniform world, exceptions are like a breath of fresh air. Moreover the new French scene isn’t lacking in assets capable of winning over both an international and a French clientele. Discover the theme in a 4-part presentation in the Trend Forum (Hall 7) and take it home with you thanks to the Trend Mook, which is on sale at the trade show.

General design and artistic direction: NellyRodi Agency
Exhibition design: Aurélie des Robert assisted by Alain Ferri at the request of NellyRodi Agency

The theme in a 4-part presentation

    These small design companies use traditional know-how and craftsmanship to innovate and imagine exclusive, customised products of the best quality. In just 10 years, they have revolutionised the French design landscape and reinvented the decoration and furniture value chain.
    A new generation has taken over, a generation of cosmopolitan creatives who are proud of their mixed cultures and who have made Paris the creative capital of the world. This new wave is reinventing French chic by considering it in terms of fusion and hybridisation.
    French high tech has never been so successful, winning new markets and revolutionising our interiors with smart objects, constantly evolving smart home systems and virtuous uses of digital technology designed with wellbeing in mind.
    A new take on French style tastefully and irreverently mixes different styles and periods with a certain “je ne sais quoi”, reinventing a baroque aesthetic à la française that showcases with talent a touch of eccentricity and a generous serving of creativity.

Take it home with you thanks to the Trend Mook

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