Inspirations 2019/2020

Theme “WORK!”

A laboratory for expressing today’s new art of working

An office is no longer really an office, but more like a home from home, a multifunctional place where working is just one of the many things you can do such as: meeting and talking to other people, recharging your batteries, having a bite to eat, or simply having fun. WORK! - Let's work together!


Visitors wishing to take on the task of making their workplaces more comfortable, enjoyable and trendy will be able to pick and choose from a large scope of products that will be on offer at the fair.
A 1000 sq. m space - designed by Philippe Boisselier - will be dedicated to this theme.



By Chantal Hamaide
Hall 6

Connectivity and autonomy are going to make our professional lives easier in a wider variety of spaces, both public and private. They may be spaces for meetings and discussions, completely independent, or shared. Objects for the world of work must fit into all the scenarios that are possible today. I have identified four main areas based on these evolutions in behavior and spaces. They speak to connectivity, mobility, comfort, and use. scenography: Philippe Boisselier.

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The sector’s specialists share their expertise on the subject.
Hall 6

Analysing the changing workplace and considering solutions for a more interactive and convivial home-inspired professional environment.

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By Alexis Tricoire
Hall 6

In the entrance to Hall 6, Alexis Tricoire presents his innovative, plant-based hybrid objects that fulfil the functions of waiting and work. It’s an opportunity to experience the well-being that comes from nature and an ideal introduction to WORK!

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Hall 6

Kwerk makes good use of its know-how to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of WORK! - a convivial place of sharing and well-being, which also makes you want to work!

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Trend Mook “WORK!”

A free white paper not a Trend Mook!

How does the office space nurture the brand?
Does an attractive office space affect productivity?

MAISON&OBJET conducted a survey amongst Les Echos-Le Parisien MÉDIAS’ readers in an effort to understand how today’s new way of working is affecting the way in which our workspaces and office furnishings are designed.

White paper, download it for free!

The MAISON&OBJET Observatoire

The Missions

Every faithful to its vocation to seek out new trends, every session sees MAISON&OBJET mission experts to analyse new and emerging forms of consumer behaviour.

The Approach

The outcome of their investigations and analysis leads to the identification of a key theme, which is looked at in more depth so that the market’s key players can inform their inspiration and better understand today’s consumer.

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