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Playing the nostalgia card is out of the question!
So, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, MAISON&OBJET is looking to the future and, in its upcoming January and September editions, will set out to analyse the attitudes, desires and expectations of Generation Y and Z’s digital natives. A whole year’s celebrations will be devoted to these committed millennials who, confronted with the many current crises, are looking for a better world, changing the rules and revolutionising consumer behaviour in both the home and lifestyle sectors

MAISON&OBJET has chosen to work with Business and Creative Intelligence consultant agency Nelly Rodi, to examine new consumer trends driven by the new generation and the subsequent influences on business.

Hall 7

In January, this innovative and demanding generation is the subject of an ambitious forward-looking installation created by Ramy Fischler, Designer of the Year 2018.


Ramy Fischler has taken a risk by choosing a sci-fi like installation to question future uses. “A fictional narrative is an incredible tool for considering design. It is also a very direct and effective vector of communication”, he explains. Ramy has pulled out all the stops: 5 people will act out what life will be like in the co-living spaces of the future, exploring these new situations right in front of visitors and under the eye of the cameras in a “laboratory for testing new uses”. Throughout the year, micro narratives will be posted on Internet creating lasting echoes of this original experiment.


And much more by January! See you in Paris.

The MAISON&OBJET Observatoire

The Missions

Every faithful to its vocation to seek out new trends, every session sees MAISON&OBJET mission experts to analyse new and emerging forms of consumer behaviour.

The Approach

The outcome of their investigations and analysis leads to the identification of a key theme, which is looked at in more depth so that the market’s key players can inform their inspiration and better understand today’s consumer.

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