Zuza Mengham

Rising Talent - January 2017

Hall 7

Portrait Zuza Mengham ©Alberto Lamback / ©Ilka and Franz /Tom Dixon © Tom Dixon Studio

Zuza Mengham creates sculptural objects and installations. Refusing labels, she does not describe herself as a designer or as an artist but pinpoints her interest in making ‘spaces’ out of sculptures or making sculptures that hint towards function.

“My work has always been seated in a deep preoccupation with materials, how things work, why certain materials react the way they do, what you can create at a material’s point of volatility, fragility, and capturing the momentary.”

She finds inspiration in traditional crafts, creating her own methods of making. Tom Dixon fell for her geometric sculptures, her steel and neon chandeliers, all infused with modernist abstraction.

Zuza Mengham degreed in sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art in 2008, having spent three years “pretty much constantly in the metal workshop making large steel sculptures”.
She then refined her art and skills working as a technician for various artists and galleries for the last eight years.
Experimenting with as many crafts and with as many materials as possible was for her a way to reach the point where materials and processes would never be obstacles, but an influence and a motivation for exploration.

For years, she was drawn to metal – a material she found anchored in a deep tradition, offering a brief moment of
malleability when intensely heated, her artistic expression subsequently turned solid in permanency.

“Steel needs to be manipulated quickly under immense heat, and you have a small window of time and then the outcome is
very permanent. This same interest in this momentary point of permanency is also fundamental in the way I work with resin, which I started seriously experimenting with around a year ago.”

Resin, a material that presents itself with permanency, but possesses little tradition, offer Zuza Mengham a literal and
figurative transparency: there are no secrets with it as a material, it reminds you of the different material states it has evolved through.
Her recurrent focus in making sculpture from resin is the point of catalysis. Everything revolves around the possibilities, which exist in this window of time and opportunity.

Amber Zuza Mengham X Laboratory Perfumes 2016 Photo by Ilka and FranzAmber Zuza Mengham X Laboratory Perfumes 2016 Photo by Ilka and FranzBronze Zuza Mengham 2016 Photo by Alberto LambackDetail of Samphire Zuza Mengham X Laboratory Perfumes 2016 Photo by Alberto LambackIron Zuza Mengham 2016 Photo by Alberto Lamback


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