Rising Talents - September 2018

Officially, Paola Sakr is a designer, at least that is what the product design degree she earned in 2016 from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts says. But actually, her expressions encompass a much broader field of disciplines, from photography to art. This capacity for multidisciplinary creation have allowed her to satisfy her taste for innovation and her curiosity – the source of every one of her projects. Each one has its own story: Impermanence, a series of vases, is a testament to a pile of concrete cylinders she found one day on the edge of a construction site, while the Morning Ritual collection recycles coffee grounds and old newspapers into useful objects.

In a sense, her approach is consistent with the original function of product design: finding a solution to a specific problem, or – in Paola’s own words – establishing a “collaboration with the world”. From Beirut to Dubai, several design festivals have already given her a stage to spotlight her experiments.

“There is still so much potential to explore in new materials, potential to develop products that could find applications even in luxury markets.”

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