Hongjie Yang

Rising Talent awards China presented by Designchain - January 2019

Hall 6

How would you describe your work?

Hongjie Yang: My work explores the powers of transformation and the tensions between nature and man-made culture. I look at intervention and non-intervention with the idea that ‘intervention’ itself can be seen as part of a natural process. Many of my objects are like an archaeological dig, a discovery of something ancient which at the same time projects forward.

What do you find inspiring about the idea of metamorphosis, of altering forms?

I believe that through transformation we find enlightenment. Nature as we know it is coming to an end. We humans are, and always will be, a part of the whole natural system but there are forces, which move in opposition to one another and are often set into motion by our own actions. These forces are contained within the larger system of growth and decline, life and death, light and dark, order and chaos – the dualities of existence. It is the convergence of these forces that I feel is revealed through my work.

How have different country experiences influenced you as a designer?

I feel lucky that I am able to experience a world with diverse cultures, ranging from a nation of immigrants to Europe’s rich history. Both East and West have played significant parts in my life – and in understanding both of them, I find inspiration. These experiences have shaped me as a person and a designer, and I am still evolving. After some years, design has become something very personal, a part of me. A journey of self-discovery.

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