Rising Talent awards China presented by Designchain - January 2019

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How does your experience in industrial design influence your work?

Industrial design is a discipline that emphasizes systematic thinking. It helps me to consider the application of materials and the maturity of production, as well as the operation of the whole system. Everything must return to a practical understanding of technique and industry. Bentu places the material experiment at the beginning of the whole process, and the product design exists in the whole chain as a form or means of transformation. In Bentu, our work is systematic, which results in rational thinking and comprehensive measurement.

Why is material regeneration important to your design outlook?

The purpose of design is to discover the important problems existing in human society and to provide solutions. Yet nowadays, design has become an excuse for the emergence of a large number of new products, an important means of marketing and promotion. The speed of replacement between new and old materials is so quick that it is too late to even think about whether it is necessary for our society and environment. After China’s rapid development, the impact of overcapacity on land and society has been seen. As designers, we should do something. We pay attention to wastes and useless materials of the current industrial age, such as construction waste, coal cinder, daily ceramic waste, yak dung on the Tibet Plateau, bone ash, and even common stone leftovers. We then transform them into products and commodities by means of industrial production and design.

What is the role of designers in China going forward?

I think the knowledge acquisition ability of Chinese designers is strong now, but their awareness of their position in society is vague. Today, design value is often used and recognized commercially. It leads designers and their audience into a cycle that believes this is what design really is. But the truth is more than that. There are many complicated problems in Chinese society that need to be solved. What we have to do is to face the world in good faith, to find problems and to solve them. This is the simplest, but also the most difficult thing, to insist on.

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