Adrien Garcia

Rising Talent - January 2020

Hall 6

Nominated by interior designer, Pierre Yovanovitch.
After studying at ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris and the University of Arts in Berlin, Adrien Garcia worked for five years for an interior design practice specialized in wellness and spa projects. He set up his own firm in 2019 and is currently in the process of developing his debut furniture collection.

You split your time between Paris and a 17th-century château in the west of France. What can you say about the latter?

I have a house near Nantes, which is quite austere with an architecture that’s quite radical for the time it was built. It’s 17th century, but with a quite drastic modernity in its window placement and its use of light. It’s pretty rundown and has large spaces. I’m not sure I’ll ever completely renovate it. I need its empty, slightly dilapidated spaces in which to dream and imagine new things.

How would you describe your style?

All my furniture has quite elaborate joinery and is pretty sculptural. I’m not looking to create things that are of the moment. It’s not something that interests me at all. I spent each summer of my childhood in the south of France, surrounded by Land Art and am inspired the artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Donald Judd, Richard Serra and Thomas Schütte. All the materials I use are more or less natural. If not, they’re either recycled or repurposed by an artisan. I have a really, really big aversion to plastic. I can’t stand it. Instead, I prefer to use oak and have my own trees in the forest on my property. Otherwise, I’m also a fan of steel. I like the fact that it’s a solid, honest material.

In your work, you place a particular importance on craftsmanship and on things being 100% Made in France. Why?

I think we have quite incredible savoir-faire in France. I really want to maintain a dialogue with artisans because you can really learn from them and if they’re French, we speak the same language. Plus, what I like is the ability to create things immediately. If they were on the other side of the world, that wouldn’t be a possibility.

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