Hopfab is the first craftsmen platform dedicated to professionals. They accompany professionals and prescribers helping them to find the best craftsman for their project.

As architects, you conceive for your professional or private clients projects that aim at being unique.
You don’t have the time to find the right company or craftsman that can answer to your project’s requirements? You can’t find a qualified one ? The ones you know can’t answer within the given deadline?

Hopfab is here to help you save time by helping you and accompanying you in your project.

Get access to their network of more than 100 of the best french craftsmen and get a direct contact with the one that matches your project’s requirements. Metalworkers, woodworkers, plastic craftsmen, all the workshops are selected by Hopfab that controls their expertise and their administrative and legal status. The craftsmen’s work is constantly evaluated by the clients to guarantee the best level of quality.
From unique pieces to great series, from pieces of furniture to furniture layout, the diversity of their network allows them to answer to any kind of project.

You will benefit from Hopfab’s experts’ advices from the formalisation procedures of your design brief to the validation of the project by you and your client.
Hopfab will pre-select for you the best craftsmen or companies that are best fitted to your project in terms of delay, capacity, location and budget. These chosen companies and craftsmen will be put in competition by Hopfab.
You will also have access to contracting tools and secured payment processes.

If you have a project such as a private residential one or a professional one like a restaurant, a shop, a hotel or offices, don’t hesitate to use Hopfab’s services.

You can come meet a Hopfab expert between January 19th and 23rd at the Designer’s Studio to talk about your project and find the perfect craftsman for it.

Get a free 30 minutes meeting here

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