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At the WHAT’S NEW?” spaces within the MAISON&OBJET fair, the latest trends come to life through the subtle, inspiring, and diverse selection of new products by our trend analysts. For the September 2019 edition, Share, the space by François Delclaux, explores the extremes of style. Elizabeth Leriche, at Care, displays a tactile textile selection. Living by François Bernard provides us with some ideas on how to reaffirm our uniqueness. And finally, for this Autumn season, Chantal Hamaide demonstrates, through WORK!, the nascent hybridization of work, home, and…objects. So we can make their concept our own, they share their enlightening thought processes below.

Hall 3
/ François Delclaux

What story does Share tell?

An increasing number of hotel and restaurant professionals and owners of bed & breakfasts are visiting the fair. These public spaces are also places to create an impactful setting, allowing for experimentation, both in terms of minimalism and maximalism. Share plays on the juxtaposition between these two extremes to highlight the rebirth of tableware.

What type of environment does this take place in?

These two trends are expressed in a min/max logo that is round like a switch or a dimmer, within an imaginary restaurant setting. It is divided into two parts by a wave-like veil, akin to a space that oscillates between luxury and simplicity. On the one side is minimalism, with objects inspired by Japanese style and Brutalism, with roots in arts and crafts…And on the other is maximalism, which allows for floral ornamentation, a mix of patterns, golds, and metallic treatments.

What trends do you see emerging or being confirmed?

The rebirth of tableware goes hand-in-hand with a new take on materials: stoneware, reactive enamels, etc. The Japanese influence can be seen in the fragmentation of dishware into a multitude of containers, like a bento. Mismatched dishes or ones that “tell a story” are also very much in vogue. We are also seeing the emergence of the “Vallauris” spirit, with figurative embellishment.

What would you say are three iconic products at Share?

Dishware and objects featuring abundant embellishment from Italian designer Vito Nesta. Plates whose edges are adorned with mountainous textures from German porcelain maker Reichenbach. And the authentic, simple ceramics of Leonardo.

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