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At the “WHAT’S NEW?” spaces within the MAISON&OBJET fair, the latest trends come to life through the subtle, inspiring, and diverse selection of new products by our trend analysts. For the September 2019 edition, Share, the space by François Delclaux, explores the extremes of style. Elizabeth Leriche, at Care, displays a tactile textile selection. Living by François Bernard provides us with some ideas on how to reaffirm our uniqueness. And finally, for this Autumn season, Chantal Hamaide demonstrates, through WORK!, the nascent hybridization of work, home, and…objects. So we can make their concept our own, they share their enlightening thought processes below.

Hall 4
/ Elizabeth Leriche

What story does Care tell?

A story about hospitality and wellness, intimacy and texture. At a time when everything is becoming dematerialized, we need something comforting. Reconnecting with materials, whether they are rustic or natural, means doing something good for ourselves. Tactile rhymes with textile in a home where bedding, bath linens, pillows, etc. are directly tied to our sense of wellbeing.

What type of environment does this take place in?

I’ve envisioned four types of rooms, four ways to experience this concept of Care. The first version, with products that express simplicity, practicality, and modesty, is presented in berths inspired by certain Japanese hotels. Another version, that is more Mediterranean, focuses on craftsmanship and natural materials: stone, woven straw, etc., and on natural shades of color such as rust, terracotta, and black and white. The third one brings us even closer to nature, somewhere between a farm and a cabin. Blackened wood is softened with Scottish plaids. And finally, in the last presentation, which is more urban, a sense of wellbeing emerges from a plethora of refined details.

What trends do you see emerging or being confirmed?

We’re seeing a return to neutrals and natural shades and major practicality in terms of shapes, which are simple and basic.

What would you say are three iconic products at Care?

Beauty products made from wood charcoal that combine modern design and traditional craftsmanship, from Japanese brand Kenkawai. Handwoven textiles in natural fibers from Barcelona-based brand Teixidors. And the patterns on throws made in workshops selected for their venerable expertise, by Parisian design studio Coutume.

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