MAISON&OBJET Paris maintains attractiveness for international buyers and specifiers

The September 2017 edition of MAISON&OBJET has registered a significant upsurge in the number of visitors, with a 21% increase on September 2016 (and 13.6% on September 2015). Insight into current and future trends, the new and improved layout for the Objet Hub, the endless supply of creativity from exhibitors and a wealth of complementary content available on social networks have provided additional momentum to the event. A successful show, with a record-high economic context and a very promising outlook for the months to come.


Already on the rise in January 2017, the number of international buyers and specifi visiting
the fair continues to soar – evidence of the event’s relevance and attractiveness:

#Europeans flock to MAISON&OBJET
Figures continue to register two-digit increases for all countries in Europe: Belgium (+18.18%), Italy (+23.62%), Germany (+18.5%), UK (+13.56%), the Netherlands (+27.46%).

#Record visitorship from non-EU countries
The dramatic increase in visitorship from non-EU countries, led by Russia and Brazil, which saw their numbers of visitors go up by 80.74% and 78.15% respectively! In addition, India, Morocco and China are showing steadily growing interest in the fair, with spectacular fi es: 47.12% for the former two and +46.29% for the latter. Another noteworthy trend is the increase in the number of visitors from Japan (+23.16%) and the US (+11.96%). All this in addition to a significant upsurge in the number of French buyers, 20% more than in September 2016.


MAISON&OBJET is constantly enhancing its offering to deliver an experience that never ceases to amaze. This year again, the major international event for lifestyle, interior and design professionals featured 3,000 brands, including 674 new exhibitors.


In addition to being a business booster for the home decor and design industries, MAISON&OBJET is also an impressive economic powerhouse, whose impact is measured in real time. The Overall Performance Calculator for the French Event Industry* has estimated the overall impact reached 360 million euros for the year 2017.
*Analytical tool co-developed by UNIMEV (French Event Industry Federation) and the Regional Tourism Committee Paris Île-de-France (CRT).


MAISON&OBJET has developed a multi-channel ecosystem that works as a constant source of business, interactions, conversations and new contacts.
The fair uses social network platforms to share live content everyday with its community – a curated selection of the best of MAISON&OBJET’s news. Videos, interviews, trends, photos are published regularly during the events and in between. MAISON&OBJET has garnered over 256k followers on Instagram, 360k fans on Facebook, which makes it one the most inluential trade fairs online. A comprehensive strategy that also encompasses a strong presence on other networks: Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
As a testament to this digital experience, online platform MOM (MAISON&OBJET AND MORE) – launched just one year ago – had its very own stand at the fair, used to display a selection of new products that generated the highest number of hits from users on the website, thus underscoring the importance of keeping the conversation going between exhibitors and visitors in between events.

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