Rare pieces and unique objects

The art trades space has taken a new spot at the heart of MAISON&OBJET, hall 5A.

More than a leisure activity, creation is a way of life. Artisans give real personality to materials they shape and share their vision of the world and their own particular imagination. Inanimate objects definitively have a soul.



Combining technical prowess and refinement, artisans are paying particular attention to objects. The materials are chosen with care, the finishes are perfected down to the last detail in order for designs to mesh with people’s interiors and accentuate them. Come enjoy the unique creations of ALEXANDRE POULAILLON, JMC BRONZE, BENOIT AVERLY, PICASIETTE, HELENE COURTAIGNE DELALANDE and VALERIE GUIDAT.

Craftsmanship works to match tastes and specific spaces to respond to the requirements of important specifiers. Each creation has its own unique story. Usher art into your interiors with MARIE JUGE, DELPHINE NENY, EMILIE MACLE, FLORENT BOISSONNET, EMAUX AMILIEN, MARIE BARTHES, CHRISTOPHE BOUCHER, VERONIQUE MARTIN and MARIE REBERAT.

Magical, strange luminous landscapes, childhood memories, fantastical or dreamlike worlds, baroque bestiaries… these designers abandon seriousness to offer us quirky, poetic works: FERNANDO AGOSTINHO, PAPIER A ETRES, P. BOUVERET OBJETS INVENTES, BENOIT VIEUBLED, MARIE TALALAEFF, CHARLOT&CIE, VIVIENNE MAUN, CLEMENTINE BAL, CAROLINE PAUL CERAMIQUE.

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