Rosita Missoni sees in him a worthy successor to a certain Italian tradition that puts function at the heart of its practice and seeks out the very best craftsmen.

  • How did you react when you learnt that you had been selected for the Rising Talent Awards?

Marco Lavit Nicora: I remembered the energy I poured into my earlier projects, which were all self-produced. It was an opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come and to realise that none of it has gone unnoticed. I intend to use M&O as a research tool to confront ideas, rather than a place to show finished works; a bit like the material library that was featured in the last edition. To have access to samples of the world’s most innovative materials is a dream come true for any designer, and it’s also the best way to get the non-professionals to connect with our creations.

  • What would you love to design one day?

MLN: A sailboat, simple and basic. Probably a small dinghy. But I would also love to direct a film. I even started writing a screenplay a few years ago.

  • Three words to define your work?

MLN: Rational, material-oriented, timeless.

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