MAISON&OBJET extends an invitation: LET’S WORK TOGETHER!

Spurred on by the ever growing number of startup companies; the way we work and the way we relate to work has gradually shifted and been set free from the traditional constraints of location. Work has become more nomadic, collaborative, informal and convivial. An office is no longer just an office, it can be thought of as a home away from home, a multifunctional place where working is just one of the many things one can do, in addition to meeting and interacting with other people, relaxing, sharing meals with colleagues, or simply having fun.

Co-working spaces started the trend, but big businesses were quick to follow suit realising that these spaces were also an innovative way of displaying their style and corporate values. Cafes, hotels, museums and other public spaces have also taken to the trend as a way of attracting a new public. Creating atypical, convivial and carefully designed workplaces has become a must: the office is turning into a rich and diverse space where design is as important as in the home.

How does the office space nurture the brand?
Does an attractive office space affect productivity?

MAISON&OBJET conducted a survey amongst Les Echos-Le Parisien MÉDIAS’ readers in an effort to understand how today’s new way of working is affecting the way in which our workspaces and office furnishings are designed.

In September, MAISON&OBJET will be unveiling its new theme:
WORK!, a laboratory for expressing today’s new art of working

Visitors wishing to take on the task of making their workplaces more comfortable, enjoyable and trendy will be able to pick and choose from a large scope of products that will be on offer at the fair.
A 1000 sq. m space – designed by Philippe Boisselier – will be dedicated to this theme which will be divided into four different sections:

  • A creative, cross-disciplinary offering
    WORK! will bring together a selection of innovative and inspirational brands. In addition to this, a specific label will help visitors identify the exhibitors at the fair who can provide solutions to their workplace interiors projects.
    New products, will be identified and selected by Chantal Hamaide and exhibited in one of the WHAT’S NEW? spaces designed by Philippe Boisselier.
  • A source of inspiration
    An expert will design a space for meeting, sharing and well-being, a place that could also provide an attractive incentive to come and work for a company.
  • Opportunities to learn
    Together with experts working in the industry, MAISON&OBJET will introduce a conference programme that will focus on the key issues around these new multifunctional venues. These talks will be the perfect way to build a solid understanding of the subject.
  • Fruitful meetings
    MAISON&OBJET has also created its own co-working space which will be set aside for business meetings with interior designers and installation specialists.

…And that’s what happens when MAISON&OBJET designs Work!

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