At the end of an aisle, a mosaic from Porcelanosa shines brilliantly. A perfect ruse to inspire thousands of ideas for interior designer Stéphanie Coutas.

As a place for random encounters and meetings, MAISON&OBJET can also offer “light bulb” moments.

Like the one which grabbed Stéphanie Coutas in September 2017 in front of the Porcelanosa stand, a leading manufacturer of ceramic times: a métal mosaic with gold reflections shown, complete with fittings, within a bathroom decor! The interior designer immediately saw what she could glean from this … and rework it in her own way. “We chose the Gravity Arrow Gold model to cover an entire wall in the entrance of a house in Saint-Tropez. This totally unexpected use gave the mosaic a surprising depth and texture. With its discreet herringbone motif, cool hand, metal overtones and shiny texture it is an enigma when first seen: is it wallpaper? painted? I’d never worked with Porcelanosa before but fell in love with this new product that I felt had endless possibilities. Architects often do have a lot of imagination!”.

Mosaique « gravity aluminium arrow gold / Sol de la cuisine, EDEN minnesota ASH © Francis Amiand

Mosaique « gravity aluminium arrow gold / Sol de la cuisine, EDEN minnesota ASH © Francis Amiand

For the sales department of Porcelanosa, the MAISON&OBJET areas dedicated to decoration solutions play an important role: “It is a first contact to let us make appointments for special projects so we show our newest items as well as all our products.” After the Saint-Tropez villa, Stéphanie Coutas selected the Metal mosaic in copper and silver versions for three Paris projects (including a private mansion). And if her bathrooms benefitted from them, it is because of Porcelanosa’s precious, continually updated touch, also the DNA of Stéphanie Coutas’ style.


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