A variety of shapes, a melting pot of styles, poetic selections, extraordinary textiles…here, the array of products is eclectic, exciting, and offbeat, to the delight of true trend seekers. Know-how creates something different, something more lyrical and poetic. Nature reclaims what is hers and gives herself the freedom to be exuberantly joyful, with a grandiose assortment of generous, stunning artisanal skill. In this blend of influences, vintage becomes exotic, and the art of the bath is done Indian-style, with a secret beauty.

Even seasoned travelers with find their dose of wonder here, where we find surprising eclecticism, a touch of beautiful madness, even a whole garden-full, waiting for you to jump in and wade through it all. We’re waiting for you from 19th till 23rd January to discover Hall 1 and 5A on MAISON&OBJET.

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