Hall 7 is inaugurating scènes d’intérieur Gallery dedicated to the art of the rare

Fans of Haute creation and unique pieces now have their gathering at MAISON&OBJET. Onhe menu at the new scènes d’intérieur gallery: the exceptional. To discover in hall 7 is an offer that truly stands out, is exclusive, and which will facilitate sourcing by buyers and specifiers from all continents.

Expressing the best of the decorative world in a profusion of beautiful brands, scènes d’intérieur has now chosen to perfect its golden capital in a bespoke showcase. Brought together for the first time in January 2014 in the new platform scènes d’intérieur Gallery: the talents of extraordinary creators, at the crossroads of craft, art and design.

Whether objects or arrangements, unique pieces (artworks from GRANVILLE GALLERY) or limited editions, the remarkable productions of these Decorative Art virtuosos offer more soul and pure emotion that will appeal to aesthetes from around the world. The space, staged in a poetic and sensory mode by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, is a tribute to beautiful things, precious materials (ceramics from ASTIER DE VILLATTE) and exceptional craftsmanship (woodwork from IWOODESIGN or hand-drawn and handmade embroidery by ATELIERS DU RENARD).

The porcelain and textile sculptures and wall installations from the company ALICE RIEHL, whose unique pieces are shaped by hand; cast aluminum lamps with multiple skins from EGGSLIGHT or floral designs turned into paintings by HERVE GAMBS are here together in a very gallery spirit. An original configuration of excellence that showcases the uniqueness of French and international designers.

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