Luca Nichetto was won over by this young Milanese designer (who has also worked in Paris) because of his natural talent at creating a genuine experience with each of his objects.

  • Why made you choose this career?

Federico Peri: As a child, I would often play in my grandparents’ factory with metal offcuts I found everywhere. I would spend whole afternoons running around the place, completely oblivious to the passage of time. During my studies, I realised that it was a passion, that blossomed over these last few years. And now that I think of my life, facing new challenges every day, I think to myself that it was exactly what I expected
from this job.

  • How did you react when you learnt that you had been selected fo the RISING TALENT AWARDS ITALY?

FP: I was ecstatic! MAISON&OBJET is a major industry event and I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated by a great figure like Luca Nichetto, whom I don’t know personally, but for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration. In my opinion, he is
nothing short of a model for the new generations of designers, a future ‘great master’.

  • Three words to define your work?

FP: Research, function and context.

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