Elizabeth Leriche invites the best Art trades on a journey

For each season at MAISON&OBJET, Elizabeth Leriche showcases the art trades in the trend space she imagines for Ateliers d’Art de France. In January 2014, the designer has produced “Territories of Creation,” an invitation on a journey to lands of inspiration and craftsmanship. Come discover it beneath the luminous glass dome of hall 5A. Inspiring!

Elizabeth Leriche has chosen to chart out a map of creation at the Ateliers d’Art de France space within the CRAFT sector. The designer has staged a mysterious world floating between materials, techniques and inspirations with a chromatic itinerary oriented around the four points of the compass.

In the heart of the Great North, here baptized Septentrion, whiteness and cold reign as supreme materials in luxurious objects designed by La Languochat, Manoli and Joëlle Fèvre. Frosted or engraved glass, glittery or iridescent surfaces, porcelain or biscuitware draw an icy nature through poetic, fragile and valuable items.

In the South, the heat and rays of the Zenith of creation panic lush nature, in a profusion of patterns and materials. Foliage and vines, exotic animals and solar designs… The generous, chromatic worlds of Daha, resin plants from Decors Nature and colorful textiles from Lalie Design inhabit this exuberant continent.

To the East of this creative Eden, the Levant celebrates Japanese aesthetics and crafts. Raku, origami, paper and bamboo invite us to meditate on the blooms of luminous hanging lamps and other tea house fundamentals. A lantern by Alix D. Reynis or small armor from Violaine Ulmer round out the zen feel of the whole.

Finally, the Equinox explores an ocean sensibility. The color blue is diluted in shades of dyes and infused weavings, colored glass and driftwood. Ceramics by Jean-Marc Fondimare, contemporary jewelry by Claire Marfisi or stoneware sculptures with undulating forms from Ananda Aragundi-Hanus embody the energy of the tides. An arty exciting installation!

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