The Timeless style, when it shows up in a discreet or typical, sacred or updated way, returns men or objects to their place … and this is vital. Whether this style is in the form of a piece of jewelry, a fragrance, an artistic object or an item from everyday life, whether it is handmade or created for a specific reason – to cook, illuminate, decorate, embellish, be carried, etc. – there will always be art in the detail.

Whether it epitomizes a unique know-how inscribed in the genes of a skilled, passionate craftsman, a luxurious heritage, a cultural tradition or a simple stroke of genius, it has the good taste to be a prerogative and this is what gives it its strength.

It is thus a unique pleasure to wander through a classic, elegant universe and appreciate reference brands and designers from around the world who are becoming or have become important names because they have the luxury of eternally concentrating style within them.

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