A new word needs to be invented to accurately describe Cecilie Manz’s work, a word to evoke both warmth and minimalism, two eminently characteristic features of her designs that are as inspired as they are inspirational.



Cecilie Manz’s parents were ceramicists and, perhaps for this very reason, she soon acquired a taste for ‘doing’. After graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts she went on to spend 6 months as an exchange student at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, before founding her own studio in Copenhagen in 1998. Since then she has developed her style in all clarity, a style that is always straight to the point, whilst never neglecting a necessary warmth. Function lies at the heart of her approach: “If I can’t express the reason for creating a new product, I prefer to refrain from doing it”, she says. From a seemingly infinite palette of materials she produces eclectic creations; her method however always remains the same. Starting with sketches, she rapidly immerses herself in the manufacturing process and adapts her design accordingly. Cecilie Manz represents what is best in the Scandinavian mindset: humility, minimalism and a boundless respect for materials. She will be presenting the fruit of her latest research at M&O next January.

Mingus / Lightyears ©Lightyears -- A1 / B&O Play ©Casper Sejersen

Mingus / Lightyears ©Lightyears — A1 / B&O Play ©Casper Sejersen

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