When reality exceeds our wildest dreams.

The Socialite Family and Christien Meindertsma’s Flax chair are two cases in point that bear witness to the existence of a more beautiful, more respectful and more personal take on reality amidst all the products on the market. As for Hannah Carter Owers and Lee Penson, whether they play the card of simplicity or exuberance they always include an element of social criticism in each of their creations, reinitialising with their rigorous and innovative pieces the way we see and experience design. In this new world where technology, social media and the collaborative economy comprise the first volume of a virtuous trilogy, designers play with matter and how it is represented. The borders between sources of inspiration have become porous. Inspiration has become a melting pot encompassing different cultures and influences without exception. So when the representation of reality is more powerful than our dreams, all that remains is for reality to apologise profusely. Have you already been inside the cover of a vinyl record? When reality seems so good at creating illusions, you are probably in one of Rafael de Cardenas’ creations. Amongst his many influences – art, fashion and music – he chose not to choose and that’s spot on trend.

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