CRAFT showcases the sacred arts of fire

At the heart of Hall 5A, CRAFT, the art trades space, highlights the work of nearly 160 artists with very personal worlds. Among them, glassblowers, metalworkers, jewelers and potters tame their favorite material through the magic of fire. New forms and colors. Precise craftsmanship. A spotlight on these golden handed alchemists.

In the aisles of CRAFT, the art trades space, shapes, colors and materials reflect the creative explosion of exceptional craftsmanship, with the arts of fire first in line. Jewelers, metalworkers, potters, mosaic makers, glass blowers: they all share a passion for work at very high temperatures, the absolute mastery of heat and an intimate knowledge of the reactions of their favorite material. What differentiates them: the very personal inspirations, often crystallized into unique pieces whose grace lets one forget what was required to make them.

At the intersection of art, design and craft, are these multifaceted skills, both ancestral and innovative, requiring years of training, research, travel and encounter. Now a trial by fire is nourishing the artists’ productions and special sensibility. A specialist of firing enamels at high temperature, Marc Uzan combines technical experimentation and an aesthetic quest. This is a talent he shares with Christophe Garcia, whose porcelain fixtures involve amazing organic and inorganic forms, or with the glassblower John Cyril Rousseau. The artist sculpts his material after it is heated to 1300° C to make round, sensual pieces with heightened expressiveness.

Opening the field to creation, some craftsmen are shifting their cult material to the world of contemporary art. Bénédicte Vallet / KaOlieN develops ceramic and porcelain sculptures as true “woven amalgams”, in an attempt to sew porcelain, while stoneware sculptures by Ananda Aragundi-Hanus explore the forces of nature to the point of being conceptual. A very personal way of singing the greatness of the art of earth and fire.

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