Childhood is a world all in one. What we remember. The objects, the toys, the fabrics, the colours… in the realm of children you might remember that adults are kings. Kings of creation. From toys to furniture or a multitude of objects that make being a grown up a little bit sweeter. The kings that proffer their treasures, the desire to give more and more. The wonder of it all! The tempting propositions and opportunities.

In the kingdom of children, MAISON&OBJET, the factory of toys and furniture, is open all year round. Candor, joy, colors, a sensitive approach to a new way of buying, let’s say a poetic universe packed in a trunk of childhood treasures. Unique and inspirational.

Oh and something else. Tired? Hungry? Take a break from the salon or on your way between Hall 6 and Hall 7 at the Milk Enfant Café, imagined by the eponymous editors, to the delight of kids and adults alike!

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