Young creators revisit existing pieces combining tradition with modernity.

When you turn your home into a showroom it’s not just Instagram that has something to gain. Social media’s forays into the professional domain have brought a plural and less antinomic vision of the world to the fore, but whether you are a novice, a professional blogger or a pro full stop, the game’s the same: you have to be able to reinvent yourself. The big names do this by promoting the work of young talents, but you need to be extraordinarily perceptive to get your hands on the stars of tomorrow, because there is such an active breeding ground of new talents. Exchange is global and everybody benefits. Young people are even reinventing youth itself and no longer have any qualms about juxtaposing traditional expertise and modernity. Well that’s the opinion of young German designer Sebastian Herkner anyway: for him industry is not the enemy of craftsmanship and his creative vision is challenging the preconceived ideas of young and old alike.

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