Art director Giulio Cappellini was impressed by his sensitivity, fine sense of observation and capacity to surprise with his cross-disciplinary projects.

  • If you had to choose one defining moment in your career, what would it be?

Antonio Facco: During my first year at university, I was working on my first project late one night. Everything was completely silent and still around me and I felt the same way I used to as a child, when I would spend my days sitting on the floor of my old house, playing with blocks or drawing or inventing stories. That is when I realised I had instinctively stumbled into a career I enjoy.

  • What would you love to design one day?

AF : I would love to design “The rulebook to contradiction” or maybe a Ferrari. Or the stage for a really great concert.

  • Three words to define your work?

AF: Cross-disciplinary, unrestrained, contemporary

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