What do we come here looking for, precisely? Inspiration, in all its forms. Exuberant eclecticism, joyful and offbeat, a unique diversity of genres for projects that are necessarily out of the ordinary. Transported by Indian influences, we slide sensually into the art of the bath. Trends blend together with total freedom and rub shoulders in a myriad of extraordinary textiles; Know-how expresses its beauty with added lyricism and poetry. Nature takes back what’s rightly hers and proclaims her venerable knowledge. Vintage with exotic overtones coexists with contemporary handicrafts, made in here and now, if you see what I mean. Welcome to a goldmine and source of newness, whose true jewel is a joyous blend of influences.

Whatever the nature of your ideas, nothing is too much to create happiness (or sheer euphoria). We’re waiting for you from 19th till 23rd January to discover Hall 1 (ECLECTIC) on MAISON&OBJET.

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