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We couldn’t have dreamt of a more chic introduction into the world of key influencers than a conference on the Show-Room Inspirations theme 2018 – in other words the analysis of social media’s influence on design and decoration. For this first morning, Vincent Grégoire gives us a wake-up call, encouraging us to take a new look at our interiors and consider the consequences of the excessive dramatisation of our private lives. Next we get right to the heart of the matter with Designer of the Year Cecilie Manz (we adore her Scandinavian ‘minimal meets cosy’ approach). And then, moving from the virtual back into the real world, it’s impossible to resist a little name-dropping because numerous personalities will be present at the trade show today: Tom Dixon, Hubert de Malherbe and Zhao Yu, to name but a few. So right from day one we are not just at the very heart of the latest trends, but literally surrounded by the very people who set them. Now that’s what I call networking!

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