They are all different: each has their own style, personality and nationality; each has different ideas about design and experiences it in different ways. Every day they move and inspire you. The proof: you follow their adventures because you trust them to keep their eyes open and their fingers on the pulse. Once again, M&O has given the keys to the trade show to a jury of 4 key influencers, just long enough for them to unearth some real gems that they’ve promised to share with us. While waiting to find out who they choose in this year’s ‘Les découvertes’ competition, why not get to know them a little better. Who knows, if you bump into one of them at the show you could always try and influence them for a change!

  • My interior details / Scandinavie, Sweden
My interior details / Scandinavie, Sweden - <a href="">Instagram</a>

My interior details / Scandinavie, Sweden – Instagram

Craftifair (Germany) - <a href="">Instagram</a>

Craftifair (Germany) – Instagram

Do it but do it now / Germany - <a href="">Instagram</a>

Do it but do it now / Germany – Instagram

Noranilpferd / Germany - <a href="">Instagram</a>

Noranilpferd / Germany – Instagram

The winners of the ‘Les découvertes’ prize will be announced on Tuesday January 21nd.

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