What’s new at the January 2019 edition of the MAISON&OBJET trade fair?
The answer can be found over at “What’s New?”, our three themed zones carefully curated by the cream of the trendsetting crop, Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and François Delclaux. Together, they have hand-picked some 500 exciting new finds that are showcased in their respective zones, “Decor” for Elizabeth Leriche, “Share” for François Bernard and “Leisure” for François Delclaux. Here, we offer you a sneaky behind-the-scenes peek at their well-honed selection process, a veritable masterclass in style.

Decor by Elizabeth Leriche – Hall 3

Tell us a little about the “Decor” zone…

It’s a zone that showcases small furnishings, textiles, vases, boxes... all those little touches that bring a certain something to a room, that reflect current fashions and are key to giving the home a real sense of personality.

How did you make your selection?

I told myself three stories based on three different themes: “Minimal Brutalist”, which refers to almost monastic minimalism, offering variations on pared-back pieces and raw materials and lines; a “Luxury Graphic” theme, inspired by the decorative arts of the 1930s to ‘70s, featuring relatively luxurious pieces and noble materials such as marble, brass and velvet; and lastly an “Ethnic Arty” theme, which celebrates the fusion of cultures, the blending of traditional savoir faire revisited by contemporary designers. Diverse and, at times, opposing themes, which bear witness to the fact that we live in a society full of paradox where absolutely anything goes.

Which new trends have caught your eye?

We’re seeing a lot more concrete being used, both the actual material and imitation versions in wallpaper, paint, lights and even seating.
Then there’s a brand new approach to decorating walls using rugs that double-up as wallpaper, felt wallcoverings (from Ghislaine Garcin) and graphic panels.
And in terms of colour, electric blue is making a comeback. In fact Ressource has just brought out a Klein blue!

Your three firm favourites?

The suede, almost sculptural, wall hangings by Stéphane Parmentier for Giobagnara, both for the choice of material and for the overtly graphic feel; Rosa Maria Kulzer’s handcrafted ceramics, which really stand out because of the unique way in which she works the clay. They fulfil our need to reconnect with the land in the face of homogenization and dematerialization; and Ma Poésie’s graphic cushions, for their motifs, colours and the embroidery technique used.

Share by François Bernard – Hall 1

Tell us a little about the “Share” zone…

This zone focuses on tableware. I hold it up as a yardstick for sharing and hospitality, which only has meaning if we truly accept to listen to others and show them appreciation. In actual fact, Greece has a unique hospitality concept I’ve never seen anywhere else: “Philotimo”, which roughly translates as “appreciating friends”. And showing appreciation for others brings with it a sense of self-appreciation.

How did you make your selection?

My starting point was tastes: savoury, sweet, bitter, acidic, spicy. I married each one up with a range of colours and materials. Sweet is a celebration of pastel tones, fresh and cheerful hues. Savoury embraces whites, greys, blacks, sometimes bluish blacks like volcanic salt. It is all about rough materials, creating a warm and contemporary rustic feel. Bitter turns the spotlight on the green colour palate, focusing on herbs, salad, cabbage and offering a fresh take on traditions. Acidic showcases yellows and yellowy-greens in all their glory, perpetuating the vintage trends of the 1950s and ’60s. Last but not least, spicy brings a riot of reds and terracottas, and is all about embracing the outdoors, street food, global cultures.

Which new trends have caught your eye?

The association of contemporary design and XVIIIth century design, notably from Dedar, whose new wallpaper was inspired by Aubusson tapestry.
The colour red, which has crossed over from the world of fashion into the world of design.
Burnt wood, a material that is rapidly gaining in popularity.
The “molten” trend, with mirrors and lights flaunting oozing, drip-like silhouettes.
Marbled effects, notably on crockery and platters.

Your three firm favourites?

Paola Navone’s new crockery collection for Serax, a delightful fusion of Asia and Africa; Odile Decq’s series of clean-lined red platters for Alessi; and the stunning hand-blown swirled glassware from Laurence Brabant and Alain Villechange, a truly outstanding design duo.

Leisure by François Delclaux – Hall 2

Tell us a little about the “Leisure” zone…

It showcases travel and fashion accessories, stationery, games, connected objects and souvenir gifts to name but a few... Basically, items that put a smile on your face!

How did you make your selection?

My starting point was the concept of travel, the ultimate leisure activity! I whisk visitors off to three fictitious countries: “Wood land”, which celebrates wood and all things hipster and natural; “Ice land”, which turns the spotlight on shiny and metallic pieces; and “Sun land”, where all the items exude a summery vibe and pack a colourful punch. These themes also allowed me to make the whole space revolve around nature, which is an extremely vibrant subject.

Which new trends have caught your eye?

An increasing amount of wood has started popping up in the most unexpected places, being used for iPhone covers, perfumed candle holders, spectacles and even technological devices.
Nautical motifs – waves, shells, starfish, and the like – are everywhere you look, adorning trays, jewellery, coasters, embroidered patches and even snowballs.
A very 1950s Miami-esque vibe that puts coral pink centre stage – it’s even been elected colour of the year by Pantone (living coral).

Your three firm favourites?

Mam Originals’ exquisite wooden watch collection (bamboo, sandalwood…); the fish-shaped porcelain trinket boxes from &Klevering, which are delightfully fun and decorative; and the Memphis-inspired paper vases emblazoned with graphic motifs from Octaveo.

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