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4 “WHAT’S NEW?” spaces present the season’s most remarkable new products organised by theme, items that stand out from the crowd because they are innovative, or because of the materials and know-how used to make them. There’s no better place to get an idea of the wealth of what’s on offer at the trade show.

  • WHAT’S NEW? “Share” - Hall 1. “Share”, Elizabeth Leriche’s “WHAT’S NEW?” space presents her selection of remarkable new tableware. The trend hunter has chosen to present the theme of sharing across 4 complementary atmospheres.
    Relive the WHAT’S NEW? SHARE exhibition on MOM
  • WHAT’S NEW? “Leisure” - Hall 2. François Bernard presents an inspirational exploration of the leisure and cultural sectors. After carefully selecting the most remarkable new stationery, gifts, children’s products and accessories, the founder of Croisements has chosen to present them in a giant 150 m2 “box”.
    Relive the WHAT’S NEW? LEISURE exhibition on MOM
  • WHAT’S NEW? “Decor” - Hall 3. Small furnishings are unequalled when it comes to setting the tone of an interior. As François Delclaux brilliantly proves once again in “Decor“, his “WHAT’S NEW?” space in Hall 3. His illustration is divided into 4 moods, each presenting a radically different atmosphere in 4 Russian doll-like spaces placed one inside the other. Come and discover artisanal objects, vases, mirrors and other new items in the styles, materials and colours that are proper to each mood.
    Relive the WHAT’S NEW? DECOR exhibition on MOM
  • WHAT’S NEW? “Care” - Hall 4. “Care” brings a promise of wellness and the chance to recharge your batteries. The trend expert trio, Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and François Delclaux, imagined a reassuring and protective décor for Hall 4’s WHAT’S NEW? space, which showcases new products designed with well-being in mind.
    Relive the WHAT’S NEW? CARE exhibition on MOM

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