Get badges for your students

Only students from an accredited school or institute may access the show, and only a professor may submit requests for accreditation.

The school badge price is 10€ for an online order, or 15€ directly onsite at the show. This is valid for one-day admittance for students and 5 days for the person in charge of the group.

Badge purchases for the show can only be made for a group of at least 3 students from the same institution.

If the person in charge of the group already possesses valid documentary evidence, in this case he can order online badges for his students.

If not, badge order will be moderated.

In case of refusal, he will be able to order a visitor badge, and all the same participate in the show.

*A valid documentary evidence (it is valid for 2 years so 4 consecutive sessions)

• A copy of your teacher’s letter and good standing
• A reference note from school

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