Itinerary: Iconic Design — Love Italia

Venetia Studium and Fortuny® are two faces of a single coin, two names that blend together in an extraordinary cultural project reviving the elegance of early 20th century taste in lamp design. Fortuny® lamps are produced exclusively by Venetia Studium, the only company in the world entitled to use the trademark for lamps. Venetia Studium was founded in 1984 in Venice by Venetian entrepreneur Lino Lando and the company immediately absorbed and perfectly personified the elegance and charm of a city between East and West, between ancient and modern worlds and cultures. Venetia Studium’s products reflect the colors of the lagoon city of Venice, where the company still has its headquarters and all production takes place.



17 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris - France


Pierre-Miguel RAINON (Main Contact)

17 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris - France

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