In partnership with M.P.A magazine, Paris Design Week asks instagrammers passionate about design to share what’s happening in their favorite neighborhoods. Thanks to them, you won’t miss the week’s must-visit openings and special events.

  • @nathill for the district Opéra / Concorde / Étoile
  • @latelierdal for the district Les Halles / Marais / Bastille
  • @sabribeny for the district Barbès / Stalingrad

@nathill for the district Opéra / Concorde / Étoile

Nathill is not typically a golden triangle regular, when she does hang out there it’s for the architecture or to catch the sunset over the Tuileries gardens and enjoy the little fairground in the summer! Further up, the charming café Kitsuné by the Palais Royal garden serves tasty ice cream to be taken out amongst Buren’s famous columns. “I like the design of the Grand Musée du Parfum, rue Saint-Honoré much as I like the Uchiwa Lounge Chair by Doshi Levien.” www.instagram.com/nathill

@latelierdal for the district Les Halles / Marais / Bastille

You can catch Latelierdal two or three times a week in the streets of central Paris, she just loves it for professional meetings as well as drinks with her posse. She’s a fan of Sarah Lavoine and loves coming back to her boutique on the Place des Victoires to lust after the Le Roch Console, and to strike out to the hectic, though no less delectable, rue Montorgueil, with a basket full of golden elegantly-scented candles. Talking of elegance, Anne Laure is not averse to a stroll towards the Canopy of Les Halles. www.instagram.com/latelierdal

@sabribeny for the district Barbès / Stalingrad

Sabribeny may not be what you’d call a Barbès addict, but she gladly takes inspiration from the racially diverse ambience of its narrow streets. This latest Parisian destination is a wealth of colours, smells and textures. Adventures under the aerial metro… and at the same time, this is the place to be, this working class bastion is coming into its own. The brash edge is being slowly gentrified with refreshing spritzs and canal bathing. You can know come across Studio Macura objects, a favourite of
Sabrina’s, on the edge of Stalingrad. www.instagram.com/sabribeny

@mespetitespaillettes for the district Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is Virginie’s preferred stamping ground, she enjoys the tranquil effervescence as her working environment. The ever-chic Rive Gauche ambiance is unshakeable, and she finds design and interiors inspiration at le Bon Marché and the Conran Shop. Marcel, la Pizza Chic and Pierre Hermé are amongst her favourite spots, along with the Place Saint-Sulpice. Hardly surprising that her design favourites are the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman that span generations, without so much as a wrinkle. www.instagram.com/mespetitespaillettes

@sebastiendoze for Now! Le Off

Sébastien criss-crosses the capital 24/7, so he knows and loves the Docks, and can often be seen there grabbing a drink or seeing an exhibit with friends. Homegrown diversity suits him, as does Jakob and MacFarlane’s earthworm-tunnel architecture. He instagrams everything in his path from coffee shop to bar to hotel. For him design extends well beyond the object, although he does have
a special crush on studio Tokyoite Nado’s work! For M.P.A and PDW 2017 he’s on the lookout for the best of Now! Le Off. www.instagram.com/sebastiendoze

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