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The world of retail is in full-fledged evolution, with the rise of e-commerce and the shifts in consumer behavior. To remain attractive and competitive in this new retail environment, MAISON&OBJET PARIS offers at L’ESPACE RETAIL major tools to help you stand out and gain market share. The show is off to discover new trends from around the world, bringing them back to retailers so that they can get inspired. This is a rare opportunity to share inspiring experiences and get top-flight advice from experts on hand during workshop-debates.

In September 2016, you’ll find this space in the very heart of hall 6 (F96-G95), in the midst of « OBJETS » section of the show!

Workshop-debates to get advice, , retail trends to find your way and publications to learn from

Retail professionals and coaches will take turns every hour giving you the keys to success for your business.

Keeping up with digital technology, point-of-sale management, merchandising, layout, emerging trends in retail…these are the many subjects connected to retail business that will be covered in the workshop-debates, lasting 15 to 20 minutes each.

4 retail trends will be developed on the space :

  • Archi shops
    In Milan, Paris, Berlin, Marseille, Bordeaux and Brussels, architects open at the foot of their dwelling or agency, retail spaces dedicated to their own creation of objects, tableware, or office accessories coupled with a signed scenography and a creative and targeted packaging. Real cutting edge ideas.
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  • Flower Power
    Setting up a florist corner in one’s boutique or the art of freshening up and decorate with flowers a retail space through a relevant partnership avoiding high financial investments.
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  • Casting Retail
    On the model of film editing, drawing up a retail or lifestyle concept now goes through full casting from the decorator to the perfumer, including the music atmosphere manager, food sourcing, art butler, mixologist,… all of this under the control of an artistic director.
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  • Coffee Society
    Open a coffee corner in a store (decoration, bookstore, co-working,…) or how to turn an area in a more welcoming space, making it friendly and pleasant. All that is a good idea to avoid or foster : the know how to entertain put into practice in the retail world.
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And a bookshop in the heart of this space will help you find the content presented by some of the participants, through a selection of specialized publications.

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You will find content from the previous editions of the ESPACE RETAIL:

The new retail trends:

Celebrity, beautiful shop for beautiful people
Time is monastic
Trucks on the road again

But also pragmatic advices for your business:

Developing sensory marketing in store to increase sales
Home décor boutiques enter the digital era
The customer experience as a strategic differentiation trend: moving toward experiential marketing
How to lead your business efficiently
Setting up simple and effective merchandising in your shop.

Our September 2016 Partners

MODULAR Lighting partner of L’ESPACE RETAIL
SPECTRE Musical partner of L’ESPACE RETAIL
XOOPAR a battery bar will be available in the area
DUNOD a bookshop, with books dedicated to retail, will be available in the area
TIPTOE table legs & trays, partner of L’ESPACE RETAIL

What they’ve said about L’ESPACE RETAIL:

  • “L’ESPACE RETAIL allows in a few minutes to visit the most interesting shop in the world. To deepen theses visits, conferences are ideal for sharing between professionals. This sharing of information is the most valuable help for our project.”
    Denis GEFFRAULTCEO of La Trésorerie
  • “L’ESPACE RETAIL is a highly attractive and very valuable space for learning about the state of retail in other countries.”
    Yasuhiro Sasaki, DOUBLE H Tokyo
  • “L’ESPACE RETAIL is a place of exchange and professional networking. It has allowed us to showcase our expertise and to answer to the customers’ issue through a workshop-debate. Customers and their specific retail issues + our expertise and our proposed solutions = Productive meetings!”
    Alice Malléjac, MAW (My Aromatic Wish)


In order to assist your visit, a devoted team is at your disposal.
email : espace.retail@safisalons.fr

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